Make that call!!!

When we were kids, we had a PABX line. This meant that we had access to all our immediate neighbours via the line but we had to call the switchboard to make external calls to NITEL lines and they billed our home monthly. Sometimes, an operator called in sick and just a few were left… Continue reading Make that call!!!

Daddy Advantage

Mr Asemota had two daughters, Esosa and Eghosa. He loved them both very much, especially because his wife had died when they were very young so his life revolved around them. Whatever they wanted, he gave, all they had to do was ask. He ensured they were disciplined though and He made time for them. Everyone… Continue reading Daddy Advantage

Mary & Martha

I have addressed the story of Mary and Martha before, see it  here One Thing..,  today however, I’m taking another perspective. We are going deeper. Someone say ‘deeper’. Okay, now I am sure that we are all here. 🙂 First mention we have of Mary and Martha of Bethany and their brother Lazarus is in Luke… Continue reading Mary & Martha

I lied…

Sometime ago, I was in a meeting, somewhat of a negotiation type, it was going so well and somewhere towards the end of the conversation, I told a lie. It didn’t start out as a blatant lie; it was a misstatement and I could tell from the way the other party to the conversation understood and… Continue reading I lied…

A Perfect Love Story

The scent of soft lavender floated into the room as the door creaked open, she didn’t need to hear the soft voice to know it was her Mum.  “Where is my beautiful bride to be?” Mum asked. Ifueko smiled.  Shifting from the yoga position she had taken on her bed, eyes fixed on her Mum’s… Continue reading A Perfect Love Story

Do You Qualify?

Hello dear reader, some months ago, my boss at work shared this piece with me. I thought to share…Enjoy!     DO YOU QUALIFY? Do you qualify to be the man I need you to be? Will you be able to recognise the things you need to see? Will you be able to understand, that… Continue reading Do You Qualify?