Hello everyone. #Spoiler Alert. I hate to be a movie spoiler but I’m sharing a few lessons from the WarRoom movie. I am also writing this so I can read it again and again and also in the hope that it would encourage someone. Prayer is about relating with God and it is not a chore… Continue reading #WarRoom

Triumph over Adversity I

There are a few women I have been privileged to meet whose lives inspire me especially on my own journey. Today, I want to share a very abridged version of Nneka’s story. She is a fantastic woman, strong from inside out; a very rare reflection of ‘Triumphing over Adversity’. I will be sharing her story in two parts… Continue reading Triumph over Adversity I

“This time next year…”

This is a guest post, I pray it encourages and blesses you as it did me. I met my Lover sometime in 2003. He told me I was his wife on the 12th of June 2004.  No we did not start dating, neither did I agree to date him for many many years. I decided we… Continue reading “This time next year…”