My thought for today is about excellence. What is excellence?  “Excellence refers to the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” Synonyms for excellence include distinction, quality, high quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness, merit, calibre, eminence, pre-eminence, supremacy, peerlessness, transcendence,” value and worth. What comes to you when you think about excellence? You think about superb… Continue reading Excellence

Trust The Dream Giver

My dear readers, today I am featuring a guest post by a dear friend, Sophie Neeze. I trust that it will bless you as it did me.  Enjoy! eVEN tHE dREAM cANNOT bE tRUSTED So, it’s the first week of November, and I’m temping at an office in the city. It’s a week-long gig, and… Continue reading Trust The Dream Giver