You deserve all the blessings…

You deserve all the blessings heaven has to offer! Don’t ever doubt that. You truly deserve all heaven has and more because of Jesus. But why does this reality elude us? I decided to find out how things really worked in the scripture. I found that we have a Father that has abundance inside abundance.… Continue reading You deserve all the blessings…

An Agnostic in the Creeks

I’m glad to share this post by my friend and brother, Batarhe Foghi, son of God, husband to my friend/sister, father to a cutie bunny and student of life. 🙂   I’m a student of life, one who reflects on simple and ordinary things that others would probably just shrug their shoulders and move on… Continue reading An Agnostic in the Creeks

Who’s your daddy?

  As evening came, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.” I had read Mark 4: 35 and was wondering why Jesus rebuked the disciples for having little faith when the boat was sinking. I was curious because I thought, “what were they supposed to do?!” Even… Continue reading Who’s your daddy?

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