Seeking balance…

Here, I share my 2020 thoughts around finding the balance I seek.

Love, Actually…

I remember once hearing that it can take huge romantic gestures to fall in love but that to be in love requires sustained little acts of kindness. For me, love is in the very little thoughtful things because I’ve realized those are the things that sustain the bigger acts of love. In between those ‘world… Continue reading Love, Actually…

You Say…

Over time, I have come to understand that faith comes by hearing and also goes by hearing. Think about a random or not so random comment that came to you on an otherwise happy day and totally deflated you and took away your peace. Yes, you listened to words that threatened the faith built by… Continue reading You Say…

Life Hack: The Helper

Yaaay!!! I’m back. This has been quite a loooooong break and I am unable to offer a tenable excuse for being away for so long.  The journey of life continues and sharing here very often brings more strength to me than you realize. I come back sometimes to read my posts and I am reminded… Continue reading Life Hack: The Helper

The familiar enemy

Just like technology sees newer iterations fixing previous faults, life itself offers us new variants to build the old upon. When we get overly familiar with what has always worked, we can stand in the way of ourselves and God because we refuse to move.  The familiar could become the enemy of new and because… Continue reading The familiar enemy

Unfinished Business

Some years ago, I was in such pain and my dentist advised that my bottom left molar had to go. But even then, it didn’t leave without a fight, I had to have my gum cut open to have that molar extracted and I needed to visit the dentist again because there was a small… Continue reading Unfinished Business

Appointing your days

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2018. In Psalm 90, Moses wrote a very famous verse, “Teach us to number our days O Lord that we may have a heart of wisdom.” Does it mean that we should realize the limited number of days we have on earth? Yes. But I have come to realize that… Continue reading Appointing your days

Random Pieces

A few weeks ago, I was at a training session at work.  We were split into 3 groups and each group had a jigsaw puzzle to complete. There was a prize to be won by the group that completed the puzzle first. We all got to work, different strategies. Trust me, I got all the… Continue reading Random Pieces

Wet Spills

When I was a kid, my mum used to be almost paranoid about spills and wet floors and for good reason too. Water spills are reputed as one of the major causes of domestic and industrial accidents. Unlike other liquids that would often leave a stain, water because of its colourlessness was a danger that… Continue reading Wet Spills

A Random Conversation

A few days ago I had a somewhat random conversation that has remained on the periphery of my mind. I was speaking to an expatriate who recently returned to Nigeria on a work assignment for his company. He had worked within the Nigerian business previously and was on what we could refer to as his second… Continue reading A Random Conversation

I hear voices

This was written by my friend and I am trusting that it will speak to you like it did me. This is a post about hope and encouragement and about how God leads us step by step, word by word, line by line, precept by precept. So last year God gave me a word about… Continue reading I hear voices

The Unwanted Guest

It was one of those public holidays and I was sitting with a group of friends fiddling with my mobile phone when a video ad popped up. It had a loud narrative and I was shocked out of my skin because I had never seen it prior to that time. I quickly excused it, and… Continue reading The Unwanted Guest

Shine Your Light

Let’s begin with some introspection. Think very deeply, is there something really fundamental about you that you constantly downplay or excuse to fit in or make others feel comfortable? I’m not talking bad habits here though but I’m sure you get the point. Okay, please hold that thought. A few days ago, I sat on… Continue reading Shine Your Light

The Lilac Slip…

Each time I take my laundry to the dry cleaners, the receiver spends precious time shaking the clothes out to check for any defects. Are there any tough stains that look like they will require special care? Is there any rip or tear in the lining or outfit, is there a button missing or is… Continue reading The Lilac Slip…

Behind the Scenes

On my daily commute, I go past one of two routes depending on the time. It’s like clockwork such that sometimes without mentally committing myself, I find myself driving along the route. I am sharing this to explain how familiar this route is and how much I felt I noticed along my work trips. Along… Continue reading Behind the Scenes

My Jollof Tales

When I was much younger, I really did not enjoy white rice and stew very much. But that was a staple Sunday lunch say 2 Sundays a month except for when my mum decided to prepare a nice curry sauce or fried or coconut rice. I actually preferred jollof rice and my mum was well… Continue reading My Jollof Tales

Good Good Father…

I was speaking to a much older family friend some time ago. A few years ago, they sent their two oldest kids off to boarding school. It was really odd because just in their neighbourhood was a really good school and the kids already attended the school. But also because it was so abrupt, after… Continue reading Good Good Father…

LOUD IT: God answers!!!

My friend and sister (I like to call her ‘Hephzibah’) shares her testimony with us on ‘LOUD IT’ today. “When I got my job straight out of grad school 4 years ago, a lot of my contemporaries laughed at me. It was at one of those old companies that people have forgotten about but still… Continue reading LOUD IT: God answers!!!

Deep Work

A few weeks ago, I received an abstract in my email. You see, one thing I’m grateful for is the way Abba reaches out to me. He knows me in and out and when He converses with me, He does from that ‘knowing’ place. I am quite analytical so when God needs to get me… Continue reading Deep Work

LOUD IT: Jehovah Overdo!!!

I know there’s some of us who need encouragement and that’s why I love testimonies so. They serve as reminders that God did it for someone else. They remind us of God’s might and assure us that if He did it for others. He will do it for us too. They encourage us when we… Continue reading LOUD IT: Jehovah Overdo!!!