But Naaman went away angry and said. “I thought he would surely come out to me and call on the name of the Lord His God , wave his hand over the spot and heal me of my leprosy…2 Kings 5:11 Many times, we hurt in our relationship with God and people because of unfounded… Continue reading Expectations

Little Things

 I wondered aloud yesterday about what happened to the simplicities of life and a friend said to me that life appears a lot more difficult than it did previously and so people generally have become a little tougher and perhaps somewhat hurried and impatient. Whilst we may have become toughened or calloused simply as a… Continue reading Little Things

The Hermit Crab Shell Hunt

Hello everyone, How did the weekend go? You know how we get so accustomed to repetitive stuff, even the most noble and nicest events end up becoming so formal that we tend to lose the real meaning. I hope that we haven’t done that with the remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection so much that all it… Continue reading The Hermit Crab Shell Hunt

‘Steak and a Side’

Hello everyone, thank you so so much for reading my posts and all the support. I truly appreciate everyone and your comments have all blessed me. It’s amazing how life teaches us; sometimes it’s so light but yet so relevant. Recently, I had dinner with my friends and as we settled the bill for our… Continue reading ‘Steak and a Side’

I am learning

It was my birthday a few days ago and I was truly overwhelmed by the love I received. From my sister and brother in law that came into town just to be with me and gifted me with this lovely blog, to all my friends that called, prayed with me, stopped by to say hello… Continue reading I am learning

Reflecting Tuesday… In The Palace But Not In Position

Recently, I have been pondering on ‘attitude’ and how it counts in things that pertain to life and even godliness. It is so important that many organisations have moved from solely performance based appraisals to incorporating qualitative criteria, such that the attitude displayed in getting the job done now counts. The story of David’s journey… Continue reading Reflecting Tuesday… In The Palace But Not In Position

What are you grateful for?

Continuing with an attitude of thanksgiving from yesterday,  just thinking back on my life’s journey has overwhelmed me with an immense sense of gratitude. I am grateful to be alive, grateful for the intangible things that God has given me; gifts that no one can take away. I am grateful for salvation, for the joy… Continue reading What are you grateful for?



It’s my birthday month and unusually,  just counting down this year was a little tough, especially because a few times in the very recent past, people tactlessly said things to me that really hurt. But as I learn contentment and choose to refine my thinking, I am glad to say that I am grateful by… Continue reading Grateful