Love, Actually…

I remember once hearing that it can take huge romantic gestures to fall in love but that to be in love requires sustained little acts of kindness. For me, love is in the very little thoughtful things because I’ve realized those are the things that sustain the bigger acts of love. In between those ‘world stopping gestures’ are the ones you remember quietly with a smile and they are more often the kind, warm hearted gestures. They do not move the world or make all your worries disappear but in that instant, they make you feel loved.

What does love mean to you???

Recently I visited my dad and it was amazing how differently his love came through. It was not in the big things I would have looked out for some years ago, this time it was everywhere. From the way he watched me to hear what I wasn’t saying to how he kept wondering what I needed to take back home with and how he made effort to get me the small things I liked to have when I was home. I felt so loved, just because he was so present and so sacrificing in every way. This got me thinking about how love truly comes through even in our human relationships.  Kindness and thoughtfulness are often underrated but those are the deepest love gestures.

A few days ago, someone reached out to me from a place of deep hurt. She felt as though God did not love her, could not see her and was constantly passing her over as regards to what she had been trusting Him for. At that point, I was reminded about Joseph and how when God could easily have resolved all the challenges He faced but did not. His love for Joseph was simply reflected in 6 words ‘and the presence of the Lord was with him.’ Regardless of the promise though, through the passage of time, it was recorded that the word of God tried Him.

When he summoned a famine on the land and broke all supply of bread, he had sent a man ahead of them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave. His feet were hurt with fetters; his neck was put in a collar of iron; until what he had said came to pass, the word of the LORD tested him.” (Psalm 105:16–19).

It’s harder when there is a word, where there have been prophecies, where there have been dreams and you know, you know you heard God like Joseph did. It is hard to believe the LORD and feel loved when so much time has passed from then until now.  Sometimes, the big question is WHEN? Especially when we see that the very things we are trusting for are coming a lot more easily to others than to us. In those moments when they don’t happen like we want, it’s so easy to feel that something more is wrong, that God does not love us like He says or that we need deliverance from demons.

However, love is not only shown in the big ‘hand of God’ moments and when we become desperate, we begin to seek for the big miracles that assure us and the world that God is with us. When we focus on these things, it’s so easy to feel unloved, but God is very present. So we look for God’s love in the things we often overlook. The still small voice that says ‘Be Still.’, the helper who leads us away from trouble and guides us away from errors. The favour that He gives us in the smallest of ways in the eyes of people that ought not to have noticed us. When we feel His presence even amid the adversity, it is His love. When He is patient with our short comings that is His love.

We hope that He finds in us men and women, tested, found tried and true, by His promises and word.

God is love. Jesus is the evidence that He loves us.

We believe it.



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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Life gets really busy and hectic I’m sure you’ve got your hands quite full! I happened upon your Goshen post just by that popping into my mind whilst praying. After reading your articles I feel the need to encourage you to return to blogging. As you yourself said, there are times when another has the piece you need to finish your puzzle. You’re also an awesome storyteller. May God bless you mightily.

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