Life Hack: The Helper


I’m back.

This has been quite a loooooong break and I am unable to offer a tenable excuse for being away for so long.  The journey of life continues and sharing here very often brings more strength to me than you realize. I come back sometimes to read my posts and I am reminded of every victory…and the fact that I really want it to be said of me that my source of strength is Christ alone. Please, forgive me, I’m back!!!

So, a few weeks ago, still feels like yesterday sometimes, I got married to an amazing man. I’m so grateful for all the love you showed me and all the support we had and still have as we journey. You know how private I can be… On the side though, my life truly is a testament of God’s unending faithfulness and this year, He has more than shown up for me and He still is showing up on the daily. I hope this encourages you as you journey with me to trust God’s faithfulness. Like the song says… for this God is our God, forever and ever, He will be our God from now even unto the end. Yes!!! Regardless of what we face and how long the wait is or has been, we rest confident in the one in WHOM we have believed. That’s not the subject of this post though, that is an entirely different story in itself.

Of recent, it seems as though Abba has been revealing Himself to me as a helper in so many dimensions and now I wonder how I could ever function without His help That’s one BIG thing the Holy Spirit does that gives us a huge comparative advantage vs others who do not have an intimate relationship with Him. He helps us and this is me reminding you to draw down on His abundant resources in this area. Let us place a demand on this particular function of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Some days ago, a friend and I had planned to visit someone after work. We had agreed a date and time and all was well. 2 days earlier though, I just felt a random prompting to visit earlier. I sent a WhatsApp message to said friend suggesting that we moved the visit. I could see it hadn’t been read. 2 hours later, I receive a call from said friend suggesting we visited on same day I suggested when he had not even seen my message. I wanted to jump out of my skin. We realized that the person we were looking to see was travelling a day earlier and our planned visit would have been late. The Helper!!!

You know how you are just there on your own and suddenly you remember something you did or said and it occurs to you that it may have offended the other party. It initially may begin as a suggestion and shortly becomes a burdensome conviction until you set it right and get your peace. Oh yes, He does that too. Or when are slightly upset and you are still negotiating whether to move on or deal and then your ‘offender’ comes unsolicited to offer the sweetest apology because your helper has prompted him or her. You just know Abba has gone ahead to convict him/her of what may have offended or hurt you without your needing to say a word. The Helper!!!

Think about how He helps us pray. Sometimes, you do not even know what to say but you start to pray and next thing by the spirit you just keep sensing more burdens to release or as you pray in the spirit, your tongues just flow and begin to change in intensity and you know you are helped. He helps us in the way we become more reflective of Him in our conduct. What a helper!!! He gives us such clarity, helping us live life with a superior advantage. It’s that last minute hunch, that strong impression for which we lack physical evidence, that lack of peace ahead a decision, infact very often, what we call a hint or intuition is His prompting to help us walk in such accuracy. What a helper!!!

Don’t do life alone. Allow the Holy Spirit help you on the daily. He is an ever present help in times of need. Take advantage of this life hack today!!!

So much to share on here, I’ll be back!!!

Image Credit: Northpark Church.


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