Unfinished Business

Some years ago, I was in such pain and my dentist advised that my bottom left molar had to go. But even then, it didn’t leave without a fight, I had to have my gum cut open to have that molar extracted and I needed to visit the dentist again because there was a small root left at the site. It was so traumatic that I never wanted to sit in a dentist’s chair after that and even visiting for my scaling and polishing appointments subsequently were somewhat of a major discomfort.

A few years later, I noticed that food was always getting stuck in between my teeth on the upper left side. I was constantly flossing and needing to pick my teeth. Rather than see a dentist though, I started making changes. I avoided meat, all types except where absolutely necessary (and then I paid the price) and stayed with very soft fish instead or avoided both altogether. I unconsciously avoided chewing on the left side of my mouth and normalised it as though that was life as I knew it.

Then in November 2017, I eventually paid the dentist a visit, first thing he said was how I had some unfinished business. You know what happened? The molar at the top left side had started growing downwards to compensate for the unnatural space created by that extraction. That was what created the crevice for food to lodge in and caused me all that discomfort. Then he mentioned how I should have had the molar taken out soon after the bottom one was extracted. I have since had the upper molar taken out and now I do not have to consider all manners and types of toothpicks and flossing to stay comfortable. I am learning to chew on both sides again and unlearning all the coping mechanisms I unconsciously put in place.

In some areas of life, some of us are like me, normalising our lives around fallout’s from our unfinished business. Maybe you have failed to forgive someone from the past and it is severely limiting the present constitution of your life because you have unwittingly become your error. Maybe you were hurt in the past and you have defined yourself as incapable of being loved.  Maybe you failed before and now you are refusing to try again, limiting yourself to the possibilities defined only by past successes. You have created a new normal and it’s time to fix that.  The best way to reconstitute your normal and rewrite it is to go deal your unfinished business.

What is your unfinished business? What is holding you back and making you redefine your normal just to adjust. You can be whole again, deal your unfinished business today!!!

Have an amazing week ahead


Image credit: Odontoville Dental Clinics, VI.


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