Wet Spills

When I was a kid, my mum used to be almost paranoid about spills and wet floors and for good reason too. Water spills are reputed as one of the major causes of domestic and industrial accidents. Unlike other liquids that would often leave a stain, water because of its colourlessness was a danger that one hardly noticed, reason wet floors are reputed to be one of the most prevalent dangers to both the spiller and an innocent passer-by. This is because the spiller may not recall that there was a spill and an innocent passer-by would be totally oblivious to it as well.

Usually, around construction sites or offices, when floors are being cleaned, there is a big yellow hazard sign indicating that there was a spill and that the floor is wet so we become extra careful when walking past and more aware of the wet floor. Sometimes, the cleaner is no longer there but what makes the difference between someone rushing past and slipping is the difficult to ignore sign and the attention paid to walk a little slower

In life, we are constantly under construction and more often than we realise, being with or around us could be hazardous to other people without us even being aware of it. I believe the humility to wear a sign that says ‘wet floors, you could harm yourself’ before we get dry in a particular area is something we need to imbibe. We can hurt others if we do not take pains to let them know that we are not perfect in the areas where we still have wet floors. Water as much as it can cleanse us, can also be hazardous to those around us when it spills and the floors are not dry.

So, this is my take. I’m not asking us to wear physical signs saying being with us is hazardous, but the humility of knowing that we do not consider ourselves to have arrived, and the understanding that the more we submit ourselves for continuous improvement the greater the need to ensure that we get dry to be completely safe for others to approach us to completely obliterate the risk of them being hurt is a necessity. That way, others can come into our space and not be harmed by our process and this is what keeps us in a place not to be judgemental of ourselves and others.

Recognizing ‘wet floors ‘means that we need to be careful to ensure that our healing does not leave us hurting others. We may not be hurting or choosing to hurt them on purpose but without the necessary signs to ensure that being with us is not hazardous to them, we will likely hurt them. We need that self-awareness to be able to walk through our own processes and save us from ourselves like we could spill water and become unaware and then hurt ourselves and others.

Here’s to ‘wet floors’ as we constantly get better and are being conscious enough not to leave floors wet with no signs, harming others in the process.




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