I hear voices

This was written by my friend and I am trusting that it will speak to you like it did me.

This is a post about hope and encouragement and about how God leads us step by step, word by word, line by line, precept by precept.

So last year God gave me a word about my desire for marriage. I read it, aahhed, and then like we humans are wont to do, promptly forgot about it. Thankfully I had bookmarked it on my Bible app and so late last year when I was in the doldrums and looking for encouragement, I looked up my bookmarks and there it was.

This time I didn’t forget it. I wrote it down. I say it over and over again. My spirit leaps with joy every time I remember it

A few months later, I was led to Psalm 113:9 ‘He makes the barren woman to keep house and into a joyful mother of children.’ I didn’t know then what the Lord was saying. I am a single, celibate woman, barrenness is not an issue here. But I have learned that God’s word never returns to him void.

A couple of weeks later, an opportunity came for me to buy a home. There and then, the word again leapt up in my spirit and I knew that God was saying to me ‘I have you on a journey. Buy this home and the next step will follow.’

Being single and buying a home all by myself didn’t seem to make sense. Who will fill up the home? What will I do with all the rooms? All by myself? It will be too quiet. Haba! My one bedroom apartment was already too quiet. Besides I had always hoped that I would buy my first home with the man I spend the rest of my life with. It would be a choice we made together, as one. Yet here I was, being led to do something totally different.

For weeks I resisted the urge to make a commitment to any of the homes I saw. Then one day from the blue my landlord asked me to sign a lease for one more year. I knew then what to do. A few weeks to closing on the home, I again got cold feet. I told my lawyer to back off. I gave flimsy reasons to my agent and the bank. I actually wept one night and asked God why all these and why now? It was an emotional rollercoaster. Fear dazed me and I couldn’t move.

One thing this experience has shown me is that God always answers prayers. With His Word that is. If you don’t open your Bible, you won’t see it. It is as easy as that. The next day after wailing, I opened my Bible and found:

open your bibles

“How long will you turn here and there, faithless daughter? For the LORD creates something new in the land– a female will shelter a man.”

I almost fainted.

Since moving into my new home, I have been hearing voices. Songs of Solomon 2:8, AMPC

‘[Vividly she pictured it] The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes, leaping upon the mountains, bounding over the hills.

My beloved is like a gazelle or a young hart. Behold, he stands behind the wall of our house, he looks in through the windows, he glances through the lattice.’

It is amazing how for every stage of life, God has a word. Bill Johnson jokes ‘How can he not have a word? He is the Word. He is always speaking’. He is always speaking, every step we take, there is a word telling us whether to turn right or left. But are we paying attention, are we listening?

How do I know the promise will come to pass? Because I like the Shulamite have learned to listen even when there is nothing to hear. I have learned to picture voices. I have learned to rise up in the morning and sing to dry wells like Israel did until water comes out. I have learned to hear the sound of the abundance of rain even when all that is to be seen is a tiny cloud in clear skies. I have learned to hear the Shepherd’s voice and follow only after him.

i hear your voices

There is a word for every situation you are in. It will bring light. It will suffuse you with hope and help you get to where you are going. You have only one job-find your word.


God bless you Hephzibah. Thank you for sharing this.



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