The Lilac Slip…

Each time I take my laundry to the dry cleaners, the receiver spends precious time shaking the clothes out to check for any defects. Are there any tough stains that look like they will require special care? Is there any rip or tear in the lining or outfit, is there a button missing or is the hem undone? They take special note of all these and receive my clothing.

Guess what? When I pick my clothes up, for the stains they could not handle or any other defects they noticed, they leave me a lilac slip in the inner seam indicating that although they have tried their best, it is still imperfect. Sometimes, I am just getting to know there is a stain or defect, in the very place where I took my outfit to be cleaned. Only I can see it, but it does not make it any easier for me.  I do not apportion blame to them though, they are eager not to take responsibility for what they saw was a defect before it arrived so they lay it bare.

That feels like many of us today. Somehow we go through what should be a comforting conversation with friends and we leave feeling worse off. We really want to lay it all down at the cross but sometimes we feel like there are parts of the gospel  that do not really account for us and that we cannot be fully cleaned.  For many of us, we gave our lives to Jesus but we feel like we are labelled by what we once were or still may be struggling with. We bear those labels on our hearts and there are also people who are ever willing to remind us that we were once torn and broken and they slap the labels on us even as we come out of the place where we hoped we would be healed.

However, we serve a God that chooses not to remember our sins. Yes, we come to Him dirty and torn and He is not selective in the way He fixes us. He doesn’t wash us and leave us with some sticker for us to go fix ourselves, He doesn’t leave a stain like it was too stubborn to deal. He does not define us by the tough things we did that we think required great grace. He just makes us whole again. He takes that feeling of rejection and says, ‘even if your father and mother forsake you, I will take you up.’ (Ps. 27:10).  He takes the feeling of unworthiness and says ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love. (Jer. 31:3)  He takes that feeling of something being too broken to mend that we take out of the dry cleaners and says, ‘I make all things new.’ (Rev. 21:5)

The truth is that, God does not forget, not our labour of love and not our failings and sins. However, out of love, mercy, and grace, He has promised that he will not remember (or drag back up) the sins that we have confessed and accepted his forgiveness for (Hebrews 10:3). Actually, I prefer that my God is not forgetful – but instead, loves me so much that he refuses to remind me of my past!

So, ignore anyone who chooses for any reason to act like they did at the drycleaners with limited power defining you by what may have been a defect before you were checked into the ‘Saviours Court’. Let this be a reminder daily that, each time you check in, He is able to save completely….

“Therefore He is able also to save forever (completely, perfectly, for eternity) those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede and intervene on their behalf [with God].” Heb. 7:25

So the question is, ‘Whose report do you believe?

God bless you!



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  1. Freedom from sin and justification by grace is such a difficult reality for the carnal mind to deconstruct! Thanks El!

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