LOUD IT: God answers!!!

My friend and sister (I like to call her ‘Hephzibah’) shares her testimony with us on ‘LOUD IT’ today.

“When I got my job straight out of grad school 4 years ago, a lot of my contemporaries laughed at me. It was at one of those old companies that people have forgotten about but still managed to somehow keep surviving.

At the time, I wasn’t exactly rolling in job offers so it wasn’t like I had any other option than to take it. The salary was below average and to make matters worse I was relocated to one of the most expensive parts of the country.

Back then, I didn’t have a stable relationship with God. I was religious, one of those people Paul speaks about that have a form of godliness but deny its power. Growing up though, my dad had ingrained in me the value of honoring God with my tithes but with that salary and the many family responsibilities I had, it was tough. To make matters even more stringent, that year my pastor announced a partnership program. The moment he announced it, I knew I had to participate. It was almost as if I couldn’t help but to sow into that ministry. Till today I can’t explain why or how I sowed and paid tithes back then- I think God was looking for a way to bless me despite my unbelief and like the widow with only a jar of oil left, He led me to sow.  He helped me prioritize it back then. Looking back now, I’m so grateful.

I strongly believe that God rather than looking an excuse to punish us for any small mistake, He looks for any and every reason to bless us, even in the smallest things. He is a good and kind Father like that and when we see Him for who He is, it is easy to give of ourselves and our resources. But God is even more amazing in His ways and how He chooses to bless us. It is the reason you will see an unbeliever go out of their way to help a child of God. The Bible says God works in us both to will and to do that which pleases Him.

Fast track a few years since I took that job; I have been promoted thrice in four years with ‘stupendous’ salary increases each time. I have been opportune to work internationally, something not many of the same people that laughed at me back then can boast about today. Recently, my company paid for me to receive training at a top business school in the world. I don’t even want to imagine how much it would have cost me if I had paid out of pocket. Through this same job, I have met so many people I never would have dreamed of meeting in my lifetime eg. CEOs of F500 amongst others.

A couple of months ago I started getting restless and decided to look outside for a new job. Before I could even try, I got an offer within my company for a role I was not even qualified for. Today I am in a new role with a direct line to the C-suite and learning so much. Nothing and no one could have brought me this far except God.

When God showed up II

Most importantly, over these four years God has been inordinately faithful to me and brought me to a place where I have left behind my religiousness and sought His heart rather than His hand. The little I sowed back then, I have reaped a million times over, and not just monetarily but in kind. Today I sow, not because I am trying to get God to move or do something but because I love Him and one of the unfailingly ways to show you love someone is to give. I can’t give God enough. There is no time, no money, nothing I could give him that would ever be enough to say thank you to God for giving His son.

The Bible says “we loved because he first loved us”. You can reread that same verse as “we give because He first gave us”. This is my testimony.”

Post script- After writing this testimony but just before sending to Eloho, I got a phone call from my boss informing me I of another salary increase, a bonus and stocks. Before you call, He will answer.


Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us. May God continually use your life to show forth Himself.


There are so many things I love about this testimony. One of them is the fact that when God leads us, it may not make sense in the short term, it may not be flamboyant and flashy but His path is best for us. When He shows up along that road less traveled, He does the absolute most. However, it takes a lot to be faithful in small things, it takes a lot of deliberate commitment to give God amid competing needs. But as responsible children of the kingdom, we give. We do not give to get or because God needs our money, but we give because we love Him. Such a privilege!!!



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