LOUD IT: Jehovah Overdo!!!

I know there’s some of us who need encouragement and that’s why I love testimonies so. They serve as reminders that God did it for someone else. They remind us of God’s might and assure us that if He did it for others. He will do it for us too. They encourage us when we find ourselves in similar circumstances

Today, I am glad to share the testimony of my friend and sister. Infact, she is almost my name sake. I met her first 7 years ago when we belonged to the same praise team/choir. She was diligent and served the Lord with her talent. I knew she was trusting the Lord for a baby but it was really inspiring to see her commit time diligently to service whilst she waited. Here’s her testimony.

“Where do I begin? God has been faithful to me and knowing Him is the biggest testimony of all. I met Jesus early and was what you would call a ‘fellowship girl.’ I served God faithfully all through university and had that triangular life of room, fellowship and class. Jesus was my boyfriend (I’m sure you are laughing). I met my husband during NYSC, we dated for 3 years and got married. I was an excited virgin bride and really wanted a honey moon baby. To further increase my anticipation, on my wedding day I heard the Lord say I would have twins and so, I was so excited to begin the journey of expecting my twins. However, I had no idea what journey was lying ahead me.

So we started, marriage came with all the adjustments. Year one, no missed period. There was no need to worry though, so I kept the promise and kept trying. I really wanted a baby and I prayed about it all the time. By year 3, nothing then I decided to encourage myself. I did not want to be focused anymore on what I wanted whilst ignoring what I had. I had a talent that had been lying fallow so I decided to serve and that was when I joined the choir. It was tasking and required a lot of time but I was glad to serve. Deep in my heart, I was pained as years continued to add on but I knew that serving heartily was the key to my miracle. I still had that word God gave me about twins in my heart. I was serving and staying joyful. Then we entered Gear 2, 3 to 5 years nothing still.

Honestly, it got tougher. Serving God was all I knew and here I was having fertility issues. The questions and comments kept coming in and the devil was looking to reside permanently in my guest room. It was tougher to stay encouraged and I was losing joy. I cried every night and at each naming ceremony or dedication for a couple who married more recently than I did, I would rejoice with them and go home afterwards to cry me a river. It was so tough, it almost made me wonder whether I really heard God myself about having twins.

You know, waiting on God for kids is a public challenge. Everyone can see it and even those that say nothing look at you pitifully. Then you see your friend’s kids get older, start school and you are still here without even one missed period. I knew the word of God and I knew God cared but it was really really tough. I tried to stay in the word though and I served a lot of what would have been free time away. God was good to my husband and me and my career was flourishing. I could not help but be grateful.

Eventually in the 6th year I decided to seek medical help and I had 4 unsuccessful IVF cycles. My God, this was such an emotional and traumatic experience. Forget the financial implications alone, just the stress it put on my relationship with my husband and on myself was a lot. Even here I hit a blank wall. The doctors even said my eggs had diminished and that I could not conceive. Around that time, I was diagnosed with fibroid. This became a ‘Judah moment’ for me. Like Leah. I just gave up on the IVF’s and the search for these babies for joy. I felt to myself that perhaps serving God was my calling and said if God was not going to give me children then I didn’t want them and I went all in to serving and praising Him. Was it easy? Not really. There were tough cloudy days, but I stuck to my conviction. My ministry was to serve even if that promise of twins didn’t come through. I totally let go.

Then suddenly, in the 9th year of my marriage when all hope was lost, I found out I was pregnant. I was pregnant when IVF failed. I was pregnant when the doctor said I had run out of eggs. I was pregnant. God came through and I had an adorable daughter in January 2016. I had all but forgotten about the promise to have twins. This one was enough for me. God had wiped away my tears. My joy knew no bounds, I was finally a mother. 9 years after the promise.

But God was not done with me yet. I was still settling into motherhood, enjoying my miracle baby when less than two months after, I became pregnant again. God never fails people and when He is ready, He goes all in. Trust me, I didn’t know where to package my joy. God had filled my mouth with song. I was delivered of a son 9 months later. So, within a year, I had two babies. Wow!!! Can you beat this God? Here goes my twins he promised. God is sooooo great. For those in waiting never give up. Keep trusting God. Age is not a barrier, fibroid is not either. He will do it for you! I’m sharing the lyrics of this song to encourage you to hold on

You may be down and feel like God has somehow forgotten

That you are faced with circumstances you can’t get through

But now it seems that there’s no way out and you’re going under

God’s proven time and time again

He’ll take care of you


He’ll do it again (He’ll do it again)

If you’ll take a look at where you are now and where you have been

Well hasn’t he always come through for you

He’s the same now as then

You may not know how

You may not know when

But He’ll do it again

It feels like such a long time ago now when I cried myself to sleep. I am so awed by the faithfulness of God and whilst I waited, He showed Himself faithful to me. He gave me ideas and strength to do other things when I chose to stop fretting. He taught me first-hand what grace was, so I moved from thinking I deserved the babies because I served Him to knowing that He would not withhold good from me because He loved me. The journey was by grace but He changed me on the way.

He'll do it again

I am sharing this testimony to encourage you. It doesn’t matter what you are trusting God for, His word never fails. Please, let my journey strengthen you. It took 9 years but God gave me 2 kids in one year. I brag on this God!!”


I was encouraged writing this and I trust that it will bless everyone who is waiting on God for something. I pray you find refreshing in the reminder that God loves you and has good plans for you even if He doesn’t come through the way you want.

Have a lovely evening




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  1. Thank you eloxie,I have been praying for babies for three years now,one miscarriage last year & I have been waiting patiently.I saw my period this morning & I was sad.I am grateful for life & my husband.The pity on people’s face when they see me,or those ones who call to ask if I am pregnant,I am sad but I know I am not barren,I am a fruitful vine.Thank you for Sharing,your testimony gave me hope.Enjoy motherhood

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and thank God for your life. This is my 12th year and am still waiting. Whether He answer or not He still remains God, the only one that can do what no man can. I will serve Him til I breathe my last.

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