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When we were much younger some of my siblings walked on their toes. My grandparents, uncles and aunties all had fun saying to them to put their feet down. LOL!!! Just the memory of it has me in stitches. Not sure if it was a paternal or maternal legacy but it was passed on to us anyway. As they grew older, they stopped tip toeing and retained a slight bounce in their steps. But it was cool, nothing to worry about really. The very obvious tip toeing was done or was it?

A few weeks ago, I saw a video of my niece walking on her toes, exactly like my sister used to and I heard my sister saying to her to put her feet down just like my mum used to. I laughed until my sides hurt. It felt like a very ‘de javu’ moment. No one taught her to walk on her toes, she was just acting out her genetic coding. She was simply being her mother’s daughter and that birthed the actions that reminded me of her mum. It was unconscious but by just being her mum’s daughter, if I was looking for a ‘likeness’ of her mum, I got it.

One of the things that man was made for was to reflect God’s likeness. This is the reason our character is so important to Him, so much so that He will build it even if it costs us some pain. God wants us to show forth His personality so that people are reminded of Him when we act. However, this is supposed to be an expression of an internal coding such that the outward expression is a reflection of an inward identity. This brings me to my thought for today, ‘being vs. doing’. Too often we focus on doing and have a list of what we should be doing as children of God and struggle to do them. What God wants from us however, like my niece was doing…is for us to live out the DNA. I’ll try and explain briefly.

When we get born again, our spirit gets recreated so we have access to God and His spirit redefines our identity. We are children of God because by that spirit, God’s DNA is encoded in us. However, the spirit has to grow and as we feed it and it grows, it is God working in us through His Spirit to will and DO His pleasure. If we do not feed the spirit however, the flesh is empowered to rule and drive our actions. What this means is who we give precedence, spirit or flesh determines what our identity is and that drives our actions.

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!”

“If we abide in the vine and the vine in us, we will bear much fruit.”

The challenge is that we often struggle to DO…to bear the fruit and do by ourselves the things that God achieves in our spirit by the encoding of our spiritual DNA

“For it is HIM that works in us both to will and do of His good pleasure.”

being vs doing 1

We need to stop focusing on the things we can DO to please God. We are to focus on BEING sons of God. It is a God consciousness and it is grace based. We come into the realization that salvation gives us access to the DNA of the Spirit so we simply grow in the realization. We focus on communing with God and establishing the kingship of His Spirit in us. “Now are we sons of God…” and as we grow in the Spirit and our identity is established, Jesus pleases the father through us and we are empowered to do what pleases God. Doing is important, very important actually, but in our faith walk, when we try to do of ourselves, it can be such a struggle. However, when we do from the expression of BEING, we find such liberty.

It is time to understand that your spiritual encoding births your actions. Are you born again? Does the Spirit of God rule your soul and body? Are you feeding the spirit? When you focus on ‘being’, you do not even realize how much God is changing you and from His Spirit, you are empowered to DO.

Have a super blessed week of ‘being.’


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  1. “Our character is so important to God that He will build it even if it costs us some pain”…great anecdote, and another wonderful article from the stable of Stupendous Grace! Looking forward to a write up on Carnal vs Spiritual Man, which is like a level 2.0 of this piece, God bless u dear!

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