Make that call!!!

When we were kids, we had a PABX line. This meant that we had access to all our immediate neighbours via the line but we had to call the switchboard to make external calls to NITEL lines and they billed our home monthly.

Sometimes, an operator called in sick and just a few were left to man the desk so you could call over and over before you reached an operator. Sometimes, it was a grouchy operator took our calls and at other times, it was almost lunch time or close of their shift. Anyway, we quickly learned that the operator’s mood impacted how quickly our calls were transferred to the main switchboard even if the lines were free. It was obvious from how quickly our mum’s calls were made sometimes relative to ours that who we were also mattered. Sometimes, the operators felt they could prioritize so they would promise to call back as soon as the call connected and may very well have said ‘these kids can wait’ and taken another request. Whatever it was, our request was subject to many things we had no control over.

Some years later, we actually had a direct NITEL line so we could make calls without the operator. It was so liberating. But we still had that PABX line with access to the switchboard on the side, just that now, calling our grandparents just required our willingness to stand up and go dial and the fact that the bills had been paid earlier by the parents. We no longer needed to try to be extra cheerful so the auntie on the other side would be better disposed to connect us. And we could also receive calls directly without the switchboard needing to transfer to us.

Was thinking about this a few days ago and realised how the death of Christ is like that direct access NITEL line and the bills are fully paid too so all we need to do is call away. Wow!!! We have access to God through Jesus!!! We do not need to grovel and beg any one to pray for us or give our way through to get their favour. The death of Jesus did it all. The phone box will never be locked against us and we have no need to ‘tap’ to get through. (This may lose a few people but it’s okay.)  By the death of Jesus, the veil was torn in two so we have direct access to God. It does not depend on anybody’s mood or how nice or friendly we are. It’s already paid for, we are not required to do anything else.

However, sometimes, it is easier to stay with the intermediary. It is easier to transfer responsibility to a third party and blame them when something went wrong. ‘I asked her to connect me but she did not.’ ‘I spoke to him but he was in a bad mood and it took some time.’ Or sometimes, we just do not understand what having access means and so we stick with the PABX.

The phone operators were like the OT priests who had the right, privilege, and responsibility to go directly to God whilst every one else went through them. But when you become a believer, you now have direct access to God. You don’t have to pray through anybody else. You don’t have to confess through anybody else. We can fellowship together but now access is one on one.


Some of us struggle with direct access because an intermediary is all we have known. It was our parents, and then our pastors and spiritual leaders and some how we cannot see ourselves worthy of accessing God ourselves. We’ve always depended on someone else to reach God for us but God has opened the doors. We have ACCESS now. Many of us do not understand that God wants to hear us himself. He wants a relationship with us so he wants us to pick up the phone and communicate with him and know Him. Now, much like a mobile phone (recall that there were no mobile phones at that time), we can call him anytime we want. But some of us are accustomed to calling the operators first. We spend valuable time trying to curry the favour of the operators and sometimes making a god of them whilst we could literally call God ourselves because we have the access through Jesus and it’s been fully paid for.

Pick up that phone and dial in right away. There are many levels of ‘sufferhead’ I can assure you that Jesus did not die for. Depending on a third party is one of them. The liberty of access is exactly what He died to give us, that’s the reason the veil in the temple was ripped in two.

We have ACCESS!!!.

Everybody, pick up that phone and make that call!!!


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  1. This lifted my spirits considerably (and made me laugh).

    I’m a Catholic and we tend to get long-winded with our saints and litanies. It’s easy to forget the direct line (even when the Church teaches this).

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