Chuck it out

I used to be a shirt person and for a long time my work wardrobe was majorly shirts and suits. I collected work shirts in different colours and styles until I recently lost interest and gave most of them away. I started feeling more like work dresses and blouses and slowly my work wardrobe changed.

However, I woke up on Monday feeling like wearing a shirt, so it was that I looked through my wardrobe and found one. It was a sky blue striped shirt that had been ironed and folded and was seating neatly in a corner. I remember wondering why I had not even thought to wear it all this while. Without hesitation, I put it on, it fit perfectly and reminded me of my shirt era. I tucked it into a navy blue skirt, looked myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I had even changed my work bag for a structured navy blue one and it was about time to head out.

Just then, as I walked away from the mirror, I felt a gust of air on my elbow, it was a little cooler than the rest of my arm and that was when I saw it. The shirt was ripped on the elbow and just then I remembered that was the reason I stopped wearing it in the first instance. My laundry man had applied a little too much starch and one day I had worn it and it ripped. You know those rips that cannot be fixed?  An irredeemable tear infact, that’s what it was. Given the style of the shirt, there was no DIY remedy.  Thankfully, I had a few minutes to change into something else before heading to work. And as I drove to work I had a few thoughts which I am about to share.

chuck it out 1

There are things, habits and people that we recognized as not being good to or for us in the past. We ought to have chucked them out but maybe they were our favourites and so we felt sentimentally attached. Or perhaps we intended to dispose of them completely but we were not deliberate about it so like my shirt made it back into the laundry basket, some of such are still within our immediate vicinity. Thinking back, I knew the shirt could not be fixed and I had no intention of wearing it again but perhaps it was a tad inconvenient to  put it away at the time so I held on to it.

Holding on was not without implications though. Imagine that I did not have enough time to change, I would have been stuck with that shirt all day. Or imagine that I didn’t discover the rip on time, I would have being as one that had never realised that the shirt was ripped in the first instance. Now, let me bring this into context as it came to me.

Along the path of life, by revelation or experience, we realise that there are things or people we need to let go off. Maybe like me you discover your shirt is ripped, stop mourning over how good the shirt used to be. The season of that shirt is over and you need to quietly let it go. You cannot gift another with it because it is ripped and you cannot fix it either. So you see, at the point where you realise that this shirt is no longer good for today or for use, why keep it close by?

The challenge is not just that it occupies wardrobe space that may have been vacant for better fitting items, it is that, at the time when it matters the most, say under pressure, we may reach back to the items we had no business keeping with no memory in that instant of why we let go in the first place and so, we are back where we first began.

Now, you see, the call is to let go fully of the things that we need to release. Give room for other useful persons and things to come in and limit the temptation to repeat a past error for instance that you once were victim to. Now is a good time to look through the wardrobe of your life for those shirts you ought to have let go of, take time to establish why you stopped using them in the first place, establish that they are beyond remedy and happily chuck them out.

Chuck it out!!!

Still on my journey of StupendousGrace,





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  1. I need to chuck out many many “shirts”. Some of them just don’t fit anymore and some are worn. some have gone out of fashion….hmmmm..! Lord please help!!!

    Thanks Eloxie… as always reflective and inspiring…

  2. Procrastination may actually be a sign of fear and God has given us the spirit of boldness.
    “Chuck it out,” I tell myself

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