His mercy endures forever!

I remember how excited I was when National Common Entrance results were published many years ago and I had scored above the cut off mark. It was quite a high threshold so I was really glad the preparations paid off especially because of how invested my parents were in the preparation. That is probably my earliest memory of the lasting joy and thrill of success after hardwork. After that, it was time to gain admission into the university and after that time to get a Masters degree and then write qualifying professional exams and then get a job. Each of those landmarks was exciting but the thrill of it did not last forever, something else always came up. Today there is new stuff I need to do and what lies behind me is not as exciting anymore. I’m grateful for where I’m at by God’s grace but there is definitely a new challenge now, a new mountain to climb.

Thinking about it a little more shows us that lesson in everyday living. You don’t have to search so far to see that nothing lasts forever. The car you bought and proudly showed off is now spending too much time at the mechanic getting fixed. Those clothes, remember that dress you saved for special events and admired as it sat safely in a corner of your wardrobe? Now it is in a bag waiting to be given away to charity. That job you were overly excited about when you got the offer, chances are that you just may be finding it is not as exciting as it once was. At home, the roof eventually leaks, the appliances break down; the carpet needs to be replaced. Same with relationships, those we think will endure often fall apart.

At the end of it, here is the conclusion of the matter; nothing lasts forever—except for the mercy of God. And this is the truth as long as we have breath in our nostrils, the mercy of God lasts forever. Twenty-six times we are reminded of this inspiring truth in Psalm 136. Twenty-six times the writer gives us something for which to praise the Lord, and then he reminds us, “His mercy endures forever.”

Think of what this means. We can count on His unfailing mercy when everything else fails (as we have seen that they certainly will). Think about any circumstance and respond with ‘His mercy endures forever’. When we sin and need forgiveness, His mercy endures forever. When our lives seem a jumbled mess that we can’t control, His mercy endures forever. When we can’t find anyone to turn to for help, God’s mercy endures forever. When each day is a struggle because of illness, despair, or conflict, His mercy endures forever. Whenever life seems overwhelming, we can still praise the Lord, as the psalmist did—for God’s mercy is always new and fresh.

unfailing love

Psalm 136 speaks about God’s hesed, His covenant loyalty which endures forever. The hesed of God is dependable. It is consistent. It is unwavering. When you enter into a covenant with God, you can count on God to uphold His end of the bargain. He is good … always. He is kind … always. He is patient … always. He is loving and dedicated and merciful … always. It doesn’t depend on where or when, doesn’t depend on the day of the week or what time it is; God’s hesed endures forever. We can depend on it, count on it and trust in it.

No problem can outlast God’s forever mercy!

God’s heart is always overflowing with mercy.

Whatever you are faced with today, respond with ‘His mercy endures forever’ and since it is because of His mercy we are not consumed, great shall be our peace.

Look at the storm in the face and speak to it, ‘God’s mercy endures forever, His mercy speaks over me, His mercy says no.’

God bless you,




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  1. Some of my favourite words, prayers and praise, “God is good and His mercies endure forever!” Hallelujah!
    Yes indeed, when everything else fails, we can count on His unfailing mercy!
    God bless you Eloho!
    Have a nice day!

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