A Father’s Joy

As a child, I sometimes thought my parents were taskmasters. LOL!!! You know how you hear your name all the way in your bedroom from the living room and it’s to pass them the remote  which by the way is sitting next to them or to come open the door for a guest when they are right there in the living room. Yeah,  African parents must have a script they act out inadvertently because they literally all act the same way.

My dad was the one that took me to all my common entrance exams and he always waited with snacks and lunch in the car to ask me ‘how did it go?’ We went the whole 9 yards from the National Common Entrance to the entrance for then military schools and when my brother and I got admitted to boarding school far away from home, he drove over 400km to drop, pick or visit us. Then, to me it felt like his duty, I didn’t even think much of it but now in retrospect, I am immensely grateful for the sacrifice. He is my dad but he didn’t have to make all those sacrifices. I could have attended a school closer to home. I cannot but remember how he taught me maths in a way that I am forever grateful for.

Now, each time I visit, I’m more mindful that he is ageing such that every chance I get, I just want to figure out what I can do for him whilst I still can. I am constantly looking out for what he likes, like his exotic teas or just books that I think he will enjoy reading. However, once in a blue moon, he does expressly tell me what he wants. And on those occasions, I am so eager to do. I really feel so glad that I can do something for him and whatever it requires, I really do without complaining. This is a sharp contrast from the Eloho that was bothered by the ‘bring my glasses’, ‘give me the remote’ right? I am overjoyed when I get to meet his needs, even if he doesn’t say thank you, I get great joy from knowing I put a smile on his face. But he does say thank you, he calls and wants to tell me how glad he is to be my dad and then my heart is literally bursting with joy.

God has been that kind of father to me too. Early in my walk, maybe His commandments felt grievous and I struggled to be to Him what He wanted me to be. But as I have grown, I have found immense confidence in His love and His ever abiding presence through the various seasons of my life. This is what makes me act the way I do. I really want to bring Him joy because I love Him. I am eager to please Him and when I fall as I sometimes do, I feel such pain from having disappointed Him.

And very similar to my relationship to my dad, I want to do things that please Him, to put a smile on His face. Again, just like my dad sometimes does, He expressly communicates His needs to me and I am more than eager to do. Right now, I feel like God has communicated His express need to me and you. He wants us to bring the lost sheep home and I feel such joy from having him commit such a need to me. He wants us to compel people to meet him and receive his joy. Just the thought of how this makes him feel makes me want to go out there and do all I can to make His day.

the fathers love 1

God’s heart is for evangelism. Are you willing to join me as I put a smile on His face? Let’s bring the lost home. The heavens rejoice over one lost coming home, relative to 99 righteous persons who do not need to repent and the shepherd is over joyed when one lost sheep returns. I am excited just thinking that I have this rare opportunity of giving back to a father that has done so much for me.

Are you with me?


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