Do You Know Him?

If you know me, you will know that I have a huge thing for Zaria based pastors, from Chris Delvan to Chingtok Ishaku and Joshua Selman. I listened to Pastor Chingtok Ishaku teach recently, and he shared a story that interested me.

A few years ago Pastor Chingtok was trying to make his way to Abuja to preach after a service at his church in Zaria. At the time he did not have a travel worthy car so his wife dropped him off at the park. As he boarded the taxi, he pulled out his Blackberry phone (t’was in the hey days of BB’s), with Pastor Chingtok labeled across the messenger. A conversation started.

Him: Wow, I really like Pastor Chingtok

CI: Really? Do you know him?

Him: Very much (he goes on to describe the powerful meetings and ministry and how Pastor Chingtok is his favorite pastor in Zaria and talks about very specific ministry experiences).

Pastor Chingtok looks in surprise and listens to this man speak truthfully about his ministry and yet not know him; wonders whether he should introduce himself. Considers that the young man will not believe, alights at Abuja and goes on his way.

The young man said all the right things about his ministry and had the right information but he did not know pastor Chingtok; he may have heard about him and read about his ministry and may have even been at one or two of his meetings. Despite all he said which were true, he didn’t know Pastor Chingtok!

Brings me to a place of sober realization, it is then very possible to know all the things about God and share them passionately and convincingly like this young man did and yet not know Him. It is very possible to know the acts of God, describe His ways to others, tell them how to find Him, and yet have him sit next to us and not know Him. Little wonder Paul after all he experienced still said, that I may know Him (Phil. 3:10).


You know, this thing about knowing is so personal.  We tend as humans to judge how much people know others by how much information they can provide about them, but the only person that really knows if they know another party is the individuals themselves. The true test of intimacy lies in the inner truth from your conscience; the answer to whether you know Him lies in your heart.

This calls for a reality check. Do I know Him? When I speak about him, am I like this young man who knows all the right answers but does not know the subject? Is God like the subject of my arm chair research? Do I only know him in theory but really do not know Him? Or like the children of Israel, do I know His acts and not know His ways?

Like I do myself, I leave you with this one question,


Do YOU really know Him?

God bless you



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