#LOUDIT: Trusting His Heart

You know how you watch a friend journey through life and share somewhat in the highs and lows so much so that you feel like you could write an Oscar winning script out of it? That’s exactly how I feel about my friend Pearl and the amazing story God is writing with her life.

I met Pearl a while ago. She is one of those people who are extremely passionate so she’s impossible to ignore.

Pearl worked as a banker in Nigeria but had always nursed the dream of living and working in a multinational company in the US. For this dream to happen, she knew she had to go to school in the US. Back then, she and God had one of those relationships where she only went to Him when she needed a breakthrough. So when it was time to resign her job and head to school, she again went to God. She needed a big breakthrough this time. School in the US is expensive as we all know.

God came through in a big way for Pearl and her study abroad. She got a scholarship and visa without any issues. Fast forward a few years, and she was about to graduate. And back to God again she went; this time for a job in the US. On a student visa, Pearl was able to work in the US for one year after graduation and she wanted to make the most of it. Again God came through for her despite of her unfaithfulness. She got a job with a Fortune 500 company which was willing to sponsor her for a H1B work permit. She was finally living the dream. Life was good for Pearl.

A couple of months into the job, her company began the process of filing for Pearl’s work permit. This work permit would make it possible for her to continue working in the US after her student work permit expired. That year, Pearl’s home church had announced a major fasting program and Pearl was excited. What a beautiful coincidence, she thought. She would join the fast and that would ensure the approval of this new visa. God would be pleased with her fasting and therefore answer her prayers; that was the way things worked right?

When God says no

The verdict came in a few months later. Her application had been denied. Pearl could hardly believe her ears when the legal team called to inform her of her fate. She quickly called all her classmates that were international students. Everyone else had been approved. What??? After all that fasting??? My God!!! It felt like being lifted to the highs and left to crash. With no work permit, she had to leave the US. The dream was turning into a nightmare. She felt totally lost and deserted by God. She couldn’t understand how all the fasting and prayer she had just indulged in had resulted in this. Amid the bleakness, Pearl knew that she had to be was missing something. See Pearl had grown up in a Christian home. Her parents had brought her up to know God never failed yet everything around her was failing despite all the prayers that had gone out by various people on her behalf. Even the relationship she thought was heading to marriage was a mess. In that dark period, Pearl picked up her Bible and actually started reading it. She started seeking the face of God in prayer. This time not for breakthrough but to reveal Himself to her. She started to grow in faith and in grace. I can attest to the fact that Pearl is definitely not the same person she was before the initial series of disappointments and in all like a precious pearl, the affliction has worked in her, a precious perfecting.

A few weeks ago, Pearl reached out to tell me her green card was just approved. What should have taken her at the very least 10 years to get if God had answered that H1B prayer, she got in less than a year. More importantly, today she has a fulfilling relationship with God.

relentless lovesource: rebekahmhaliberg.com

This testimony is not just about how God marvelously provided for Pearl a green card, but more about God’s relentless love and the fact that He was orchestrating a much better purpose than Pearl imagined. At her best, Pearl saw a flawless H1B application process. That was the height of her expectation. But God wanted so much more for her, even when she wasn’t faithful to him. It reminds me of the story of Hosea and his unfaithful wife. God was relentlessly pursuing Pearl’s heart. No lover wants to be loved only for what they can give; we all want to be loved for who we are. Our God is not any different.

Be encouraged to trust God’s process. Your testimony may not be exactly what you have imagined but God will shine through your life as you allow Him direct your path. And through the process, He will reveal Himself to you anew. At the end of the day, it isn’t about our blessings but about the relationship.

Spurgeon exults us in this saying: “If you can’t trace God’s hand trust His heart.” But how can you trust what you don’t know? Let us all be encouraged to start there; knowing God. The blessings will follow shortly after



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  1. Hmm….This sounds like me. Prayed and fasted and nothing and just some few days ago I sensed in my Spirit.Seek Me for who I am and not what I can give you. it finally dawned on me that I my relationship with God has always been about what I can get. Thank you for this…God bless you mightily

  2. Thank you, Eloho. God always sends a word in season through you. And for this I’m grateful. I needed a faith booster. This post is definitely one.

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