What’s on your dashboard?

I was driving over the past weekend and my dashboard lights came on showing ‘Low Tyre pressure.’ I am able to drive several miles with the warning light on until I get to a vulcanizer. Usually, when I get to one, they have to gauge all the tyres to discover which exact one is low on pressure. Depending on how low the pressure is, they either pump the tyre or try to figure out why and fix same. On Saturday, they found a long nail in one of my rear tyres and then they fixed it.

As I thought about the low tyre pressure warning, I realised we all get those warnings as we journey through life. If we attend to them quickly, we can avoid the ‘flat’ tyre and all the inconvenience and sometimes embarrassment that comes with it. But the challenge is that we don’t break down immediately if we ignore. So we are tempted to ignore. However, the longer we ignore, the more likely we are to end up with a flat tyre at a most inconvenient time that will cost us a lot more. A friend said just as my kind of car determined that i got a warning on my dashboard, so also my ability to receive the warning from God is dependent on my relationship with Him. Truly, God is always speaking, like a 24/7 radio station but i need to tune into His frequency to hear His warnings.

God actually sends us those ‘low pressure’ messages from time to time. We can slow down, gauge ourselves, identify and fix the issues and all will be okay or we can keep driving, ignoring the signs. That is what God does for us. He prompts us to make changes that are necessary for our optimal function as we journey and if we respond in a timely manner, we are better for it. And you know what? On the outside, everyone sees a beautiful nice functioning car. We are the only ones that can see the dashboard lights beeping and asking for attention. We could even have people admiring our car and telling us how lovely it looks and how great the engine sounds. But thanks to that dash board, we know that all is not well.

For instance, when I become unnecessarily cranky, I can tell that my vertical relationship with God is not aligned because He loves others horizontally through me.

What’s your dashboard saying? Don’t ignore the lights even though your car appears to be fine. Identifying and fixing the fault today will save you from embarrassment tomorrow.

In Him,




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  1. God Speaks Always.The question is how frequently are we tuned in . Most time we might need to locate where the signal is stronger(I always notice its stronger in my bathroom-lol,still can’t explain why) and develop the affinity for such location.

    God Bless You. Sis.

  2. This is so true.

    God’s constantly speaking. But most times we are not listening. Not because He is far, but because we assume He is not listening.

    It’s good we take time to sit in His presence, if we don’t how to do know what He is saying?

    Thank you for this reminder.

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