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Some of you are experiencing an extremely dampened pace in your lives right now, and it may be an uncomfortable, even painful switch from the life you’re used to. I am not sure what it is for you, maybe God has led you into a place you thought would be booming with fruitfulness…only instead of what you expected, now your steps have ground to a near halt. If you are one of those people who has always had things plain easy and now have to deal with a slow season, it’s plain difficult to stay stable in the face of a slow transition. The year just crossed into the second half and you cannot seem to find God in your circumstance. Instead you are burdened by the apparent time lapse in the delivery of your blessings. You may even find yourself asking, “Lord, are You SURE this is what You ordained for me?”

I’ve realized that change is not always easy, and yes, God is a God of change, but for some of us who thrive on organization and structure, unplanned change is hard, and sometimes, out rightly tough. We’re so sure, when we’re slammed by any unexpected turn that throws our schedule off, that it HAS to be an attack of the enemy to sabotage our happiness, peace, and progress. Certainly, that is the case sometimes. But know this: God is not at all surprised at your circumstances; in fact, the very event that threatens to delay your blessings arrival by years could well be a Divine setup. Don’t disdain the season you’re in! God’s blessing is in your trial.

I believe quite sincerely that God expects us to bear fruit in every season of our lives; and yes, that is quite true. However, recently I read a piece that spoke to me and corrected me. Yes, God expects me to always bear fruit but regeneration does not occur without a dying off first. So there is a season for me to prepare for the next season of fruit bearing. Oh, the tree itself is not dying when the amber and crimson leaves break free from their security and drift to the ground. Instead, the tree is undergoing a necessary process in order that life may continue and that it may produce fruit in another season. But the tree will not necessarily look all pretty during that season of regeneration; it is just being positioned for the next season.

God is in charge

As you wait for patience to have her perfect work in you, be assured that you aren’t washed-up. By your standards, your life may appear slow and retrogressive, don’t be fooled. Be assured that God is not leaving you out all alone in the cold and has a far greater plan than you might realize. I know it may not be the best of seasons but embrace the falling of the leaves and enjoy ambling through avenues of transition…as surely as God lives, you will break forth again according to HIS INFINITELY PERFECT TIMING.

I believe very strongly that if you embrace this season of your life, you will look back at your time-lapsed blessing, having come away with so much more for having faith enough to wait, and you’ll speak to God from your heart’s depth those special and incredulous words, “Wow!!! You knew what You were doing the whole time!”

God bless you and surround you always with ‘Stupendous Grace’


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  1. “”So there is a season for me to prepare for the next season of fruit bearing.””
    Spot on. Great message.

  2. “”So there is a season for me to prepare for the next season of fruit bearing.”” Awesome

  3. Blessings exist in all season and the Holy Spirit always brings lessons to us in all situation.

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