Want a better credit score? Pay your ‘router bill.’

A friend shared a story with me. She recently completed her graduate studies in the U. S and upon graduation moved out of her apartment. She was supposed to return a router to the cable company so she called them several times to pick up but they never did whilst she was there. She left the country but returned after a while to work and life appeared to be just great.  Some years later, she wanted to apply for a credit card that offered better terms than the one she had and then she noticed that she was being charged for the router still although she was completely unaware. Those unpaid charges for the router had been accumulating on her credit record leaving her with a low credit score.

Guess what? She was upset. After all she had called them to come pick up and they never did. She also had no evidence that it was picked up after her program ended. Her first response was to contest it but the Holy Spirit said to her to call them and pay for it. It cost all of 150 dollars. This was money she could easily afford, thank God she had a good job.

Within a few weeks, banks were sending her messages offering credit cards with much better rates and amazing offers for loans and mortgages too. It was as though the heavens opened. It was quite surprising the big difference paying off that 150 dollars made to her credit score. She still had the same job, same remuneration package but she now had greater access to financial services because she dealt that small encumbrance and improved her credit score.

There is a bigger picture here though. We all have that ‘router bill’ that we have left unattended to in our lives and we have no idea what access we are being denied because we have refused to deal it. Very often, there is so much hidden behind that door and we might be surprised what kinds of offers life would throw at us if we took time to pay off that ignored obligation.

Can we take a few minutes to quietly meditate? Is there something small we have left undealt which is limiting the access we should be enjoying? Is there a ‘router bill’ we are trying to excuse or justify ourselves out of but we know we need to sort out? May not look like much but just dealing that suddenly opens access to the things we deserve. Forgiveness for one appears to be small but it frees us to do life and even live healthily. There are many studies that show that bitterness can lead to ill health. Honoring our parents is another often ignored ‘router’ bill. There is grace to pay that bill off. Just imagine all the access that is awaiting your new credit score.

Here’s to a new improved credit score and to amazing access to life the way God intends.

Image credit: www.moneyinc.com


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  1. O wow!
    And I just paid mine few days ago
    How lovely…
    So I should expect open heavens then?
    So apt, Eloho and beautifully captured

    1. You are welcome Tobi. Yes, it’s time to check for them router bills and pay them. Let’s enjoy the access that is waiting for us. 🙂

    1. Thanks Emmanuel.
      I’m grateful that God speaks through me to you, it’s such a humbling privilege.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      God bless you.

  2. I like how you connected a simple router bill to unresolved issues that may be stopping us from being where God wants us to be. The truth is God’s hands are already extended, but are our hands ready to receive?

    1. Thanks Jennifer, longest time. So glad to have you here. “The truth is God’s hands are already extended, but are our hands ready to receive?” This right here is the truth, His hands are not shortened, we just need to ensure that we have access to the source. God bless you.

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