A friend spoke to me about how she was feeling yesterday. She had prayed, fasted and trusted God and it seemed nothing was happening. God gave me a word for her and I am sharing it with everyone who may feel like her right now.

I have been studying the story of Genesis and the story of Joseph stuck with me. He suffered pain many times; rejection when his brothers sold him into slavery and the arduous journey to Egypt for starters. Then he found peace at the home of the Potiphar’s but only for a while. He obeyed God and chose not to have an affair with Mrs. Potiphar and instead of that to bring him rest, it sent Him to prison.

Hmm… but the bible says that the presence of God was with Joseph and he prospered. He was a slave in Egypt, from being a favored son, and yet he prospered. Just imagine what third parties would have been saying If that was today, ESPECIALLY those that love him. They would organize fasting sessions and try to pray the bad luck away. They would indirectly assume he had some sin or failing in His life that led to the path his life was taking and allude to that when speaking to him. Forget the mockers! Their comments can break one’s spirit. For Joseph, he would have had not a few down moments, tempted to question God. But the truth is that the presence of God was with Joseph.



Somehow, we cannot seem to wrap our hands around God being with someone and the person not experiencing bliss as we know it. Humans are funny, we judge what we cannot see and so we cannot afford to be led or driven by others perception of what is going on in our lives. We need to start defining wealth as the presence of God and not our lives fitting into a script we or others have written

Whilst in prison, Joseph ministers to the cupbearer and butler. Finally, I’m sure he hopes something good will come out of this. His hopes rise, days turn to weeks and months and he realizes the butler has forgotten him. Now, this is one time too many. God cannot be with a man and yet things keep going wrong for him. No way! Yes, that’s how our minds work. But God was with him. Had the butler remembered as he desired, he might have been made a diligent servant or a diviner. He would have been in Pharaoh’s courts but not in a destiny position. So God made the butler remember only when it fit into His (God’s) plans for Joseph. We all know how that ended. But the bible records that the adversity tested Joseph. Psalm 105:19

When God’s promises seemingly don’t come to pass, wait under the mighty hand of God, till you pass the test. You need to wait until you hear God tell you that you have passed the test. In ‘failing’ you, God teaches you to know that He will never fail.” Pastor Chris Delvan.

If you feel a little weary of trusting God, I’d like to share three things

  1. Don’t allow people’s definition of your journey characterize you. That things are going topsy turvy doesn’t mean you are not prospering. True prosperity is the presence of God.
  2. Rest in the promise. Give it all to God and trust that He has a destiny process to bring you to your place of promise.
  3. Don’t be bitter that ‘good’ seems to be evading you. As long as you have God, greatness is in His design for you and He will frustrate good so He can bring great.

Today, this is a word going out to all who feel that they have done all God requires of them but they cannot see anything happening.



For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. Heb 10:36

God has asked me to tell you to REST.

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