Embrace Change

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to my blog. Thank you all for reading , commenting and sharing my life’s lessons. I’m always so glad to know they bless you in spite of me. In 2016, by God’s grace we will update more regularly and make some changes so watch out!

I have an adorable cousin who has a lovely mane in every sense of the word. She has a rich fulllllll head of hair. Those types that you absolutely admire which more often than not give the owners pure grief at the thought of taking out braids or having the hair made. She would cry at the pain and your heart would almost break. She’s had this hair challenge since she was a child and people like her are the reason I think relaxers were introduced for women of color. I tell you! We shall call her Vi. On account of this, whenever we went to have our hair done at a salon, she tended to favour the stylist whose weaving style (hand) was most tender and her sisters literally let her have that stylist for keeps.


A few years ago when she was 7 or 8, a family friend opened up a hair salon called ‘Olga and Rachel.’ That’s where we met ‘Auntie Miriam.’ She was the one that Vi preferred to have her hair done because her hand was tender. We journeyed from primary school with Auntie Miriam as Vi’s stylist. It hurt a little but was preferred to every other stylist at that salon. Then came boarding school. Her school permitted girls to come to school wearing braids. This was great as she braided her hair every end of term and mid-term. Did I say that Auntie Miriam at this time started coming to the house to make her hair? Of course it took longer than if she went to the salon and had more people involved, which was what her sisters did. Each time they suggested another stylist or salon, Vi wouldn’t hear of it. The thought that there could be someone with a ‘hand’ that was more tender was inconceivable to her, and her comfort and confidence in Auntie Miriam kept her from trying.

Anyway, this went on for 7 years up until the most recent Christmas break. Auntie Miriam was unavailable and against her wish, Vi had to try another stylist. Guess what? She had an almost painless experience, relative to Auntie Miriam whom she had endured all these years. What???? You need to see how shocked she was when she was done. She was angry that she had borne all that pain through the past few years simply because she wouldn’t try anyone else; simply because Auntie Miriam’s hand once worked (was the best option), and was familiar.

embrace change 4

In 2016, some of us are stuck with all we know or all that’s previously worked for us. We are unwilling to try new and better things so we don’t know if, like Vi, we are simply shortchanging ourselves. This is a call to extend your borders. A call to not get so caught up in maintaining status quo that you don’t hear when the bus is ready to move.

Don’t get so accustomed to what worked before that you lose a chance for GREAT because you have GOOD. Maybe GOOD is all you know. This reminds me of the children of Israel who left Egypt. Honestly, slavery was all they knew as they were all born in Egypt and into slavery. God inspired Pharaoh’s stubbornness and sent the plagues, first to show His greatness to a people that didn’t know Him and also cause Egypt and all the nations around to see Israel differently because of their God. Also, God needed Israel to expand their minds. They were worth more than a few Egyptian hand me downs. They were of a blessed lineage, of the covenant of Abraham.

embrace change 3

I don’t know what you are doing or where you are but, like Vi, you may never know things can be better done if you don’t try something new. Try a new dish, learn a new skill, get quotes from other vendors, whatever it is, just try! You will never know if you are settling for less until you ‘try the new.’

There will be opportunities in your life this year to try new things; even if the present is comfortable, greater may be lurking in the corner. You just may be locking yourself into a suboptimal life when you can live easier and better. Embrace change! “Do Something Fresh!”

That it was the best option yesterday does not mean it is still the best today.

TRY something NEW!!!

Image credits. Ms.Useh, linkedin.com


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    1. Hi Deji, if you mean great over good, yes…she eventually found a hairdresser who makes her hair with no pain (great) versus the better one who made her hair with some pain. We can at least try the opportunities life throws our way and not stay put simply because it is comfortable. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Honestly, her reaction is best imagined. She was so relieved. Thanks for your comment. Good to have you here. Stay blessed.

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