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#Spoiler Alert. I hate to be a movie spoiler but I’m sharing a few lessons from the WarRoom movie. I am also writing this so I can read it again and again and also in the hope that it would encourage someone.

  • Prayer is about relating with God and it is not a chore but it helps if we document our relationship. Create a prayer room like the bible encourages (something about a dedicated space and a journal) that makes prayer and meditation a commitment. I am learning to go back to deliberate date nights with God, hearing Him, speaking back to Him and tracking my requests so I can ‘LOUD IT’ when He comes through.

the war room 1

  • The gospel is an impact message and I don’t require a title to share it. Everywhere I am/go is a pulpit. It was amazing how Ms. Clara started the chat about church and prayer and wouldn’t let go even if it felt intrusive. Imagine if she tried to be ‘Politically Correct.’ I am learning everyday that whatever we do for a living is our altar, whoever we meet is our congregation. There are opportunities everyday  to share the gospel and Ms. Clara reminded me how many opportunities I might have missed.
  • She didn’t give up because Elizabeth was becoming uncomfortable with the questions. Is the love I have for a soul more than the discomfort I would feel if she rejected the good news or I lost the business? There’s people God placed in our lives that we might have given up on because they didn’t respond on time and we told God we couldn’t force them. Yes, we can’t change people or convict them but there is a desperation that comes from knowing Jesus is the ONLY way. Same way we would act when a man is in front of a moving car, you pull him out of harm’s way and ask questions later. Is that my approach towards people who need Jesus?

the war room 2

  • We often want to share only the nice parts of our testimonies. It’s just easier to pretend that we didn’t fall, that God answered ALL our prayers, that we were 100% led all the time. But there is profit in our pain when God breathes on it. From the movie, I realized that Ms. Clara didn’t pray her husband through, he passed on and she could have stayed regretful and bitter, blaming herself for it. But to reach Elizabeth, she had to open herself and tell her story.  Our vulnerability is able to connect with people and once we let go of our ‘all is well with me’ pride, we are better able to minister. Your story may not be perfect but its perfect for God to use it
  • We must be able to teach by example. Ms. Clara gave Elizabeth her old prayer journal to start off with. That’s just amazing. Can someone have an old bible of  mine and be mentored to study? Am I building an example I can pass on?
  • We often want to pray for God to change our partners. But God changes us FIRST. IT was the change in Elizabeth the Holy Ghost used to convict her husband. Reminds me of Paul when he said  women who are married to unsaved husbands will win their husbands by their ‘conversation’, this refers to character. God’s word is the same. IT works!!! So, instead of grumbling about our spouses who wouldn’t change and complaining to God at every chance, as we remain exposed to the word, IT will change us and the fact that our lives have changed is a tool for the Holy Spirit to use to reach others.

the war room 4


  • Restitution can be tough!!! The Holy Spirit will always lead us to do what is right but He will give us peace and favor through it.
  • Our consistency is not just for us. Her daughter started praying because of her. Children learn by watching more than speaking. It was amazing to see how much her decision to pray impacted on the spiritual temperature of her home without her needing to read a riot act or force her daughter to pray. As parents, we often want to legislate faith because we want our kids to experience God too but the best example they have is US. We can lead by example.

the war room 5

  • There was genuine joy at every milestone. Who can I tell I pains and joys to in the same breath and be sure to get the response of Ms. Clara? Prayer when necessary or rebuke and encouragement when necessary too? It’s such a joy to have a fellow believer travel with you on life’s journey. More joyful when it’s a ‘mother’ or ‘father’ who can guide and lead you away from error. In the multitude of counselors, there is safety.
  • Ms. Clara knew her God and heard Him clearly. She was not practicing trial and error with whom she shared the word.  We see that she had been praying for someone to pass what she knew to. She had been praying and God led her to Elizabeth. That level of accuracy is my deepest desire, to be on the same page with God so we just flow with whatever assignment He brings.
  • Sometimes, God doesn’t come through as quickly as He did in the movie but HE comes through and the principles are the same. He grows us in the process as long as we let go and let Him.

the war room 7

Life is a lot more spiritual than we realize and as we end the year, it is a good time to begin to take PRAYER seriously.

God bless you!



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