The Elijah Reaction

So Jezebel sent a message to Elijah. She said, “You can be sure that I will kill you, just as I killed the other prophets. I’ll do it by this time tomorrow.” – 1 Kings 19:2a

On the top of Mount Carmel, God sent fire to burn up the soaking wet sacrifice and the altar on which it was placed and Elijah killed the 300 prophets of Baal, thus God proved to everyone in Israel that He was the one true, living God. All the people watching fell to their knees and shouted praises to God. Jezebel was not on Mount Carmel to witness what God did, but her husband, King Ahab, told her everything that happened. This infuriated Jezebel, so she sent a message to Elijah. She said, “You can be sure that I will kill you, just as I killed the other prophets. I’ll do it by this time tomorrow.”

For over three years, God had protected and provided for Elijah during the drought. God used Elijah to perform amazing miracles, including raising a boy from the dead and sending fire to the altar. Yet, when Jezebel, a mere woman, servant of Baal threatened to kill Elijah, Elijah had a very surprising reaction; Elijah was afraid. So he ran for his life (1 Kings 19:2a). He had seen God’s might, He had prayed and held rain back for three and a half years, and surely He knew God was all powerful. But in the face of this threat, Elijah doubted that God would protect him this time. Elijah was focused on the evil Jezebel instead of focusing on the all-powerful God. This is like looking at a beautiful rose bush and seeing only the thorns! He fled out of fear, not because God had instructed him to run. Elijah should have realized that no problem was too big for God – not even Queen Jezebel. 

This reminds me of many of us; we are oftentimes guilty of doing what Elijah did. Even though God has taken away our sin, given us new life, and continues to pour out His blessings on us; when something goes wrong, that one thing is all we can see. We forget all the battles that God has won on our behalf, we forget the Mt. Carmel show downs He has declared in our favour and all those times He did for us what only He could do. That’s the Elijah reaction and it’s a wrong reaction. During times of trouble, we need to fix our minds on Jesus!

elijah reaction

When Elijah ran away from Jezebel, he certainly did not run away from the Lord. Elijah wandered deep into the desert. Sad and discouraged, Elijah told God that he had had enough. He sat beneath a tree and fell asleep. Suddenly, an angel touched Elijah. God had sent an angel to prepare a much-needed meal for Elijah. The angel woke Elijah and gave him fresh bread and water. The angel took care of Elijah and, it would seem, he told Elijah where to go next. Even though Elijah wasn’t where he should have been, God took care of him and urged him to move forward. God is with us even when we fail. He is a God of new beginnings. God doesn’t let you go even when you fail; you are never out of His loving reach (Psalm 139:9-10).

My thought today is for those of us going through a dark storm or a threat of the enemy like Elijah, who seem to have forgotten all the wonders God did in the past. Let’s avoid the Elijah reaction. Please don’t run away like Elijah did. Set your heart on God and keep your eyes on Him.

In 1 Kings 19:11-12 God displayed His power right in front of Elijah to give Elijah the opportunity to set his focus back on Him, it was as if God was saying, “If I can split a mountain and cause an earthquake at my whim, do you really need to worry about what one woman can do to you?” Then, God’s gentle voice whispered once again, “Elijah, what are you doing here?”

God is saying to you, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? It’s time to run back to the cross and trust God to bring you through whatever trial you are facing. He is forever faithful.

If you are in hiding today, let Elijah’s story give you hope and courage. While in hiding, like Elijah, God has been helping you, He has sent you shade and angels to watch over you but it is not a permanent solution. It’s time to come out of hiding, that’s God’s message to you today.

Have an amazing week ahead.

God bless you.

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