The Push Start Button!

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

Sometime ago, I drove a car with a push start ignition for the first time, and yes it was a really cool drive (I can already imagine you laughing). I was at my uncle’s and he asked me to help fill his gas tank. He handed me the key; the car in question is one of those really huge jeeps. I really felt like ‘dodging’ (I don’t enjoy driving very much, and driving big vehicles scare me), but I couldn’t. Besides, he said ‘please’ so many times that I had no choice but to accede to his request. So I had my cousin tag along and we drove to the station, having a really nice time gisting and playing music on the way. My uncle already had the engine rolling when we got in, so all we had to do was drive, buy gas, and come back home.

The interior was luxurious and to be honest, after a few minutes, I began to enjoy driving the car.  The music selection was really nice and my cousin and I had a blast.  We got to the station and I turned off the ignition to fill the tank and paid for  the gas and then,  it was time to head back home. I pushed the start button but the car wouldn’t start. Now the cars behind ours were honking impatiently, and we looked really silly. After several tries my cousin called her dad, and whilst they spoke I read the error message again and realized that the car was not set to ‘Park’. That was the problem all along. Sounds ludicrous right? Considering that I had been driving for several years,  how could I have switched off the car engine in a non-Park mode? And how did I expect it to come on in that mode? Take a minute and laugh at my folly. Enjoy it, Yes! I earned it.

But what did I learn?

The basics are always the basics. The basics of driving we learn, whether for manual transmission or automatic transmission, do not change with the car we drive, even if it’s a top of the range car. Until cars begin to drive themselves, we will always need those basics to handle whatever evolutions we are faced with. Bringing this home, life evolves and we come to a very comfortable place, like me. We get excited or maybe just carried away and we forget the basics. This is a call to go back to the basics and hold them tight. They will save us time and embarrassment on the journey.

We live in a world of where change is constant, and we have become so charmed by the kaleidoscope of exploding ideas that we are distrustful of anything that is not of the latest design. But like me, we forget that no fundamental principle has ever changed and that all that happens is a development of those principles. Think about it, the same inexorable laws of nature which prevailed before man walked the earth remain valid today.

push start 1

 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. Prov 22:28

In the excitement and luxury of the push start ignition system, I forgot the basics of starting a car in park mode. Same way sometimes in our faith, we get caught up in deep expressions of revelation and new doctrines, or we get caught up with the busyness of life and living in a fast moving world and forget the ancient landmarks of prayer, of communing with God via quiet time, of forgiveness and of sharing the word with others amongst others. Also, I sought for other ways of getting the car to start, forgetting that the old way is the sure way. When in difficult times, we often seek new ways of solving our problems, without first applying the foundational principles [of faith] which we have learned and have proved true in times past.

Jeremiah 6:16, “Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ASK FOR THE OLD PATHS, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, we will not walk therein.”

I encourage us all to go back to the foundational principles available in the word of God. Let us not abandon them simply because the times have changed. Rather, let us cling to them knowing that our faith will grow only if we continue in them.”

“No matter what you face, remember that the principles for living a successful life and victorious life are the same even though the challenges appear different.

God bless you.


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  1. Life is very complicated sometimes. But at its core it’s really simple. At the heart of great truths, revelations and even scientific discoveries lie a few principles so simple that they are often overlooked.

    Is it true that the foundational truth of the mind-boggling theory of relativity can be expressed in a five character equation?

    Or that the entire mysteries of salvation and redemption can be summarized many times in one verse of Scripture?

    Yes it is. In this age of complexity, we have the prophet’s (Isaiah) promise . In this way of holiness, the simple will not err therein.

    Then sometimes the ancient things are the truest ones. The simple things reveal the greatest mysteries. And those who always look for great things may be befuddled by simplicity.

    Just like it was when the Messianic Visitor chose the manger’s manure pile over the Sanhendrin’s princely aisle. The Jewish clergy who sought for complexity missed the simple mystery. They missed it for a while. They still do.

    Still the simple do not err therein. 🙂

  2. Reading through this post reminds me of the timeless song of Andrae Couch ‘Take Me Back’. We all sometimes need to go back to the basics. Back to the Cross where we first believed. God bless you my Sis.

  3. “No matter what you face, remember that the principles for living a successful life and victorious life are the same even though the challenges appear different.”

    I like this….

  4. Deep! I remember sharing the children’s Sunday School song, “Read your Bible, pray every day, if you want to grow!” and having a friend point out that the principles are as true for the Christian adult as they are for the Christian child. May we always contend earnestly for the faith that was handed down to us, and not remove the ancient landmarks!

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