The Bus Driver

Yesterday I remembered a story Pastor Poju once shared. My big sister, Salt, shared the CD with me in January 2014, and yesterday God brought it to my memory. Since it has been on my spirit all day, I decided to share it today.

The Bus Driver!

One morning, an old experienced man who had lived in the same neighborhood for a long time and commuted daily via bus on the same route made his way to the bus stop and waited for the bus. Not too long afterwards, he was joined by a little boy. The boy got to the bust stop and walked a little farther down and stood. He was obviously also waiting for the same bus as the old man.

The Old Man was a good man and he called out to the young boy. He was sure the boy was making a mistake and didn’t know any better and the conversation was something like this:

Old Man: ‘Hello young one, you are standing at the wrong spot. The bus always stops right here so you would need to come back and wait here with me.’

Young Boy: Thank you sir, but no I am fine here.

Old Man: You are mistaken young one, in all my 30 years of plying this bus route, it has never stopped where you are; it always stops here. In fact, the designated bus stop is the only place where the bus should stop.

Young Boy: I’m grateful sir, but I would rather wait here.

At this point, the old man was torn between anger at the boy’s stubbornness and pity for the fate that would befall him when the bus came and left him behind. He was more than certain that he would miss the bus.

Then along came the bus. It stopped briefly where the old man was and picked him up alongside all the other passengers waiting there. As the bus left, the man had a smirk on his face and some pity for the young boy whom he was sure was going to be left behind. The bus moved slowly and stopped right beside the little boy.

The old man was stunned as he saw the doors open for the little boy to get in. “Did the bus just stop at a non-designated bus stop? What???” he thought.

The little boy smiled and as he got on the bus. Then, he stopped to look back at the stunned old man saying to him with a smile, “Sir, one thing I forgot to tell you was that the bus driver is my father and he had told me to wait right here!”

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I just love the story. Do you get it? We must be like that resolute little boy, with God our father as the bus driver. And like the little boy, irrespective of what the norm is, what the experienced people say, what the rule is, what your father said is all that matters. It doesn’t matter what the majority is doing or what they say is the right way. Like that boy, you and I must be determined to do ONLY what God tells us to do. We must be so sure of what He said that we can deafen our ears to every contrary view, even the best intentioned ones. The old man was truly well intentioned but obeying him would have meant disobeying the father.

I’m learning to ask God first, and not to simply take my best laid plans for Him to bless. I’m learning to stay quiet and listen to Him, and not assume that because I’m headed on a particular route, the bus stop is the right place to wait. I’m learning to confess that I am lost and in need of direction. I’m learning to ask God for help like a child.

Wisdom is better than weapons of war and I am asking for wisdom to be a better ME. And then like the little boy, I am committed to doing exactly what my father says because He is the BUS DRIVER.

Imagine for a minute how people must have reacted to the boy waiting at a non-designated waiting area. Some were probably waiting for him to fail, a few others waiting to mock him, and some others trying to get him to change his mind because they care. Despite the pressure, he stayed the course. Be as confident as the young boy in the instruction of your father in spite of whatever contrary things you hear (you will hear a lot when you take a stance that is unconventional; something that God will often require of you as you walk with Him). Be encouraged to stay at the exact spot, following God’s instruction because you know WHO you are and WHOSE you are.

And when the bus stops just for you, when God breaks protocol just for you, please, remember to look back ever so softly and say ‘the Bus Driver is my Daddy!”

Have an amazing weekend ahead and God bless you.


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  1. He may make unconventional promises or ask you to do peculiar things. But trust Him. He knows all.

  2. I like the storyline. Deeply relative. But in a world as distracting as ours, it’s often difficult, very difficult, to wait upon the father’s words. However, I find that when there’s an iota of implicit faith, everything becomes a whole lot easier.

    For me, two words stood out after reading. ‘Obedience and trust.’

    Beautiful post..

  3. Haaaaay! The Bus Driver is my Daddy!

    Lord, I would place my hand in Thine,
    Nor ever murmur nor repine;
    Content, whatever lot I see,
    Since ’tis my God that leadeth me!

    *rejoicing in tongues*

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