You deserve all the blessings…

You deserve all the blessings heaven has to offer!

Don’t ever doubt that.

You truly deserve all heaven has and more because of Jesus.

But why does this reality elude us?

I decided to find out how things really worked in the scripture. I found that we have a Father that has abundance inside abundance. For example, Jesus fed the multitudes and there was plenty leftover (Mathew 14:20). In another instance, Peter had a great catch after toiling all night and catching nothing (Luke 5:6). Jesus always wanted his disciples to have an idea of the abundance that comes to those who follow Him.

you deserve it all. 4

God’s abundance is not only limited to material things. When you come to him everything he offers you exceeds your expectation (Ephesians 3:20). When he offers salvation, he saves to the uttermost. He forgives all your sins – past, present and future.

What about healing, financial breakthrough, prospering your spirit? All these things are given in extreme abundance.

If this is the true picture and plan of the Lord you have chosen to serve, why does this reality elude you?

Many claim that something out there has stopped or delayed them from achieving these feats. But can they really?

Knowing your place in Christ and His finished work enlightens you that these powers have already been defeated. Simply exercise your authority over them (Luke 10:19).

As a child of God if you haven’t experienced His abundance, it is your fault.

You read that right. It is your fault!

you deserve it all. 1

The Lord has done all He needs to do for you. He died on the cross; he took the fight to the enemy’s gate and won, stripping Satan of all power and authority. And before he ascended into heaven, he handed over the keys of authority to his church (including you). And as He is, so are you in the world (1 John 4:17).

When I said you are at fault for not living in abundance I didn’t mean you have any sin or habit in your life that may be hindering the Lord from blessing you. If you had such thoughts it just reemphasizes that you are at fault! You have kept the spot light on you and how good you can perform to get blessed. And if you continue to do that you will end up with crumbs instead of bread. It does not and will never depend on you.

you deserve it all. 3

Even if you have missed it, just let it go and move on. Come to think of it, who hasn’t missed it as a Christian? You are forgiven. Your mistakes or sins do not hinder the Lord from blessing you.

Really?! Does this mean you can run out and actively lead a sinful life?

Certainly not! When you are under grace, sin does not have dominion over you (Romans 6:14). Grace empowers you to live above sin.

But the knowledge of your mistakes and the preeminence you have given them has stopped the flow of the love and grace of Christ towards you. The issue of sin has already been dealt with before you received access to the throne of grace through the blood of Jesus. You must therefore enter boldly (Heb. 4:16).

It is therefore not a sin problem but a wrong belief system that makes you think it depends on you. And the more you try to do, the more it eludes you because it has already been done and concluded before you came into the scene.

Wake up and begin to live in the reality of Christ’s finished work. You are already washed, sanctified, justified, glorified, and blessed in Him. And all the promises of the Father are yes and amen in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 1:20).

you deserve it all. 2

Don’t limit yourself by believing there is something you haven’t done that has prevented you from receiving from Him; rather believe that you deserve all that Jesus bought through his death on the cross.

They already belong to you, therefore claim what is yours. Call those things that are not as though they were and in time they will manifest (Rom. 4:17).

Be Conscious of God’s Grace!

This post was written by Emmanuel Onwuka @emmanueljust


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