Spoiling a good thing…

My dear friend recently concluded the 40 days beginning of the year fast declared by Daddy Adeboye for the RCCG family. Infact, he missed a day and had to do 2 days extra to compensate. Then at the end of the fast, just at the thought of freedom to eat whatever he wanted, my friend went all out. His pepper threshold is really high so he had several helpings of rice and a rich pepper turkey stew until he was fully satiated and some and then he slept soundly. After all, for the past 42 days he had been fasting. LOL

You know how, when on a long fast, the digestive system shuts down partially or completely and all the energy is redirected. If you have cleaned out well, the stomach and the intestines are clean and require time for the digestive system to prepare itself for food again. This considered, his system was ill prepared for the food onslaught.

Guess what?

His tummy reacted to the quantity of food and the spicy pepper in the stew so he had constipation at first and then a tummy upsetting diarrhea next. For 3 days after that onslaught, he was yet to recover as his body rejected subsequent meals. Sad yes? I am even ignoring the spiritual implications of breaking a fast badly. 🙁

spoiling a good thing 1

That is what happens to us when we ‘rush’ a good thing.  We may just ruin our opportunities to subsequently savour and enjoy it.  Food is great. Yes, he was hungry but was the fast supposed to be broken like that?


If my dear friend had taken it gently and easily, he would have enjoyed the rice and peppered stew and had several days after that to eat more food with no negative implications. That is the same way we spoil good things by prematurely opening the boxes. We do that when we choose to play around with premarital sex for instance and jeopardise the opportunity to open the box when married, we do that when we fail to delay gratification and save/invest and we do that when we are in a hurry for the big break and not want to pay the short term price of hardwork. It also happens to friendships, in fact, almost anything good/great could be potentially harmed by rushing it.

haste makes waste

What’s the point of this?

All things, even the good things of life have a process and a natural order and no matter how pleasant or desirable the outcome, we should not disregard the process. We should resist the temptation to rush the good things so that we don’t jeopardize the potential rewards and like my friend have to deal with the pain.  If we look inwards, we will find many ways where like my friend, we are in a hurry to enjoy a good thing and it turns out to bring such pain.  By the way, it is always worth doing some research. If he had done some research, he would have found out that substances known to be irritating to the system, such as coffee and spicy foods, must be avoided during the breaking process. LOL

spoiling a good thing

Time to choose right.

Have a blessed week ahead.


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