The Unseen Eye

Some days ago, my team hosted a video conference meeting. It’s a monthly meeting scheduled for 8 am. Being the hosts, we were there ahead of the scheduled time.  This day however, as we connected with one of the regions, we noticed the cleaning staff in the room. The guy was totally oblivious of any third party and was zealously cleaning and singing along side.  We watched him for over 5 minutes, switching songs (we could hear him singing the songs obviously playing on his phone via his headphones) as he assiduously arranged the meeting room and left. All the while he didn’t know that he was being watched, and not just by one person.

Then as we talked about how people could be watching when you least expected, I thought about the role of discreet observation in recruitment, and the subtle ways in which firms deployed observation at assessment centres to test candidates’ dynamics within groups, many times unnoticed by the candidates. Not long after, I remembered a personal experience. Some months ago, I had an early evening business meeting with a foreign client. In the course of the meeting, some guy walked up and introduced himself, well, as per business networking it wasn’t a bad idea but I later knew he was hitting on me. He was a really cool, tall, dark, and handsome dude, but he looked like someone’s property. He had, ‘wifed,’ written all over him, even if he didn’t have a ring on. I stalled and stalled but eventually we had to exchange cards. The exchange was for business, he said trying to be smart. So he called the next day and I just took him out stylishly as per asked how his wife was doing and changed the subject. He pestered me for a few days but I wasn’t budging till the weekend came.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, at this time I still sang in the praise team of my church. So there I was, dressed, prayed up, and ready to praise away.  I had forgotten about Mr. TDH when somewhere in the middle of praising, I saw the ushers lead him and his wife to comfortable seats in front. Oops…It was probably their first time cos His wife also dragged them out for the new guests’ reception. It’s not such a large church so I knew he would have seen me, and I was glad all he could say would be, “Oh, I met that lady some days ago”. Nothing more. Do you know what was funny? Apparently they had been trying to find a home church as they had just moved houses and his wife decided to make our church their home church. Imagine…just imagine how it would have felt had I led him on, or remotely even considered his offers. I would have let God down. Oh, that day I felt heaven smile.

This is just to encourage you for all the times you feel no one is watching or when it appears it doesn’t pay to do right. Hey, there is a cloud of witnesses watching and rooting for you. Heaven rejoices when you tell sin to go to hell and you stand for what is right. What is even more beautiful is when it is just who you are, outwardly living out the Zoe life; like the cleaning lad, just being the child of God you are without the pressure of even knowing anyone is watching.

God bless you!!!


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  1. Reminds me of this plaque that was so popular in homes as we grew up-
    Christ is the Head of this house;
    the Unseen Guest at every meal;
    the Silent Listener to every conversation.
    Really, He’s the unseen eye.

  2. Indeeed Heaven must have smiled on that day. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if you had led him on or given in to his advances. Like you wrote, “there is a cloud of witnesses watching and rooting for you.”
    I love your blog posts!

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