Timing is everything!

You have probably heard the phrase, “Timing is everything,” many times. And there is indeed a great deal of truth in that statement. Think about it; the difference between a good joke and a bad one is a person’s sense of timing. An appropriate pause makes a joke, while an inappropriate pause can kill the same joke. Imagine asking a favor when someone is under a lot of stress or angry. Timing is also very essential in cooking; a hamburger on the grill is raw meat if cooked for too little time and a clump of charcoal if it is cooked too long. The list is endless.

Timing is indeed everything!

Timing is everything 1

Those who WAIT on the LORD will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. [Isaiah 40:31 (NLT)]

Consider Moses who grew up as a Prince in Egypt. He was well-educated and well trained. He knew he was Jewish and must have longed to be united with his own people. In Exodus 2:11-15, we see Moses trying to defend an Israelite maltreated by an Egyptian, killing the Egyptian in the process. In honesty, let’s give Moses the benefit of the doubt for a second. His intention was to protect his people. We believe Moses really did mean well, but his timing was wrong. Rather than wait on the Lord, he jumped the gun.

The problem, of course, was that God didn’t want this kind of help from Moses yet. Moses was not ready to be a leader at the time. The Israelites were not ready to be a nation yet. The timing was wrong. Moses thought he was helping God, but he really was just making matters worse.

There are many other examples in Scripture, for example,

· Abraham and Sarah became impatient with God and took matters into their own hands instead of believing what God had promised. Their trying to help God, rather than better the situation, made it worse, birthing the Arab-Israeli conflict in the process;
· The ten spies tried to help by telling the people they couldn’t defeat the Canaanites because they were too big and strong. What happened in the end? The Israelites ended up in the desert 40 years!
· Saul tried to help God by offering a sacrifice that was supposed to wait for Samuel to arrive. As a result God’s blessing was taken away from Saul’s Kingship.
· Peter tried to help Jesus by cutting off a man’s ear (even though he was surely aiming for his head!) and Jesus had to rebuke Peter.
· In the case of Moses he ended up scorned by the Hebrews rather than trusted. He changed from an insider to a “marked man” in Egypt. Instead of being able to help his people Moses was exiled from his people and the delivery of the Israelites was delayed.

Think about it a little now, what have you been trying to help God with? Have you been trying to help God: make you rich, get a job, a child, a husband, a contract, a connection? – as we’ve seen in the illustrations above, helping God will only take you deeper in the quagmire.

Timing is everything 3

God’s timing is perfect, but ours is often flawed. He has a system of growth that allows His children to rise to positions of dominion in their respective areas. Don’t try to help the process. And though God’s system of growth may appear slow for some, it is consistent for all. If you work with God’s system of step-by-step advancement, you’ll see the environment change around you as you rise higher and higher. Doors start opening in places where you only saw walls, and people with connection and influence start entering your life.

Trust God’s perfect sense of timing over yours; stay in the place of prayer and faith. And your promotion will come, at the appointed time. I am not promoting laxity, please act as you should and pray too so you are guided to act within the right timing.  But, whatever you do, always remember that Timing is EVERYTHING!

Timing is everything 4

Have a truly blessed week ahead.


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