My thought for today is about excellence.

What is excellence?  “Excellence refers to the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” Synonyms for excellence include distinction, quality, high quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness, merit, calibre, eminence, pre-eminence, supremacy, peerlessness, transcendence,” value and worth.

Excellence 1

What comes to you when you think about excellence? You think about superb finishing, tasteful presentation, skillful delivery, informed decisions, clarity. How do you know one who excels in his work? Think excellent craftsmanship. Recently I had cause to watch some Chinese craftsmen work at a construction site in Nigeria.  All I saw was ‘excellence’. The deliberate and thorough manner in which they carried out their tasks, the discipline and focus of the workmen, left me in awe. No foolish jesting, they each faced their tasks and took their quiet breaks for lunch. They had a focus, they were fixated on their target and they refused to be distracted.  At the end of the project, those men did a fantastic job and the output was excellent.

excellence 5

Often times, however, we speak of “Excellence” by faith, as Christianese almost;  but it’s time to write the vision down and not just talk about writing the vision (Hab. 2:2). It’s time to move beyond wishful thinking to putting action to our faith in Proverbs 22:29 by our excellence.  Excellence doesn’t just happen because we confess it. It happens because we cultivate it. We repeatedly work at it. I think the time has come for Christian professionals to avoid making religious excuses for producing “shabby” products, giving “sub-par” service and performance in the work place. Excellence opens doors! When God’s favor is placed upon a person of excellence the possibilities are endless. When powerful people see excellence, they start paying attention and doors start swinging open.

excellence 4

1 Samuel 16:14-21 tells us the story of Saul and the need for a musician to minister to him when a demon tormented him, When the king needed help, his servants knew where to look. David had a reputation for excellence. In an instant, he went from spending his days with sheep to serving in the king’s palace. Why? He was skillful in what he did, brave, fearless, prudent, good looking, and carried the presence of The Lord.

Many times, God opens doors that we completely don’t qualify for, and truly, we need that supernatural momentum from time to time to boost our progress. However, that might not come very often, and whilst we trust God for favour, what’s more prevalent is that God opens the eyes of the people in power to see His children operating in excellence. In that way, He creates opportunities for promotion.

excellence 3

If God opens the eyes of certain powerful people, will your reputation open the door? Wait a minute; let’s assume God gives the CEO of your company a dream about you. If he asks around, can someone who has observed you say that you’re brave, have good judgment, look good at work and have an amazing aura around you? If not, then today’s message is for you. If you get the break you’ve been waiting for, will you nail it or fall flat because you’re not prepared?

Excellence 2

In all that you do, be excellent! Your reputation will determine which doors open for you. It’s time for your dreams to leave the spirit realm and become tangible. King Saul did not invite David to the palace for an interview because he was spiritually sensitive or obeyed God’s voice, rather because he’d heard about David’s excellence.

excellence 6

When will powerful people hear about yours?


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