Attitude beta pass sabi…

Ehen, una welcome o! E get one of my paddy dem, me with am don gree sey dis tori, na pidgin I go take yarn am.

For where I from dey collect my daily bread,  when people dey newly comot school, e get one arrangee like dat wey dem dey do, dem dey call am graduate trainee (GT) rotation. Dat na big oyibo, na just to do make dem understand d business well well before dem go post them go where dem go dey work. I don follow many of these GTs waka ehn, e no get wetin I neva see but e be like sey dis tori wey I wan follo una yarn so na the big lesson wey I don learn. Make I carry talk the gist sef.

Na im dem come post one GT come my unit, make e be sey him name na Ejiro. Dis Ejiro ehn, dem sey he know book ehn? Yes na, no be who know book dey make first class? I no even fit argue on top d mata, the boy suppose know book but im character ehn? The thing na wetin I dey call ‘sandpaper attitude’. Chai!!! E be like sey, the only mata wey dey the boy mind as per who im be na sey he get first class for economics. Before you talk one, im done talk ten. As you wan follow am talk, e no dey put mouth for gear, im go don comot yeye from im mouth. You know wetin com happen, see as all the team members comot hand for the boy mata. Like hot rag ehn, nobody even send the boy.

Attitude Beta Pass Skill 1

E be like sey the theory wey him learn for school come make am dey do like sey the oda kind work no get value. But you know as new mama dem dey fine wen dem carry pikin waka, nobody dey see all the dirty work wey dem dey do. When the pikin go shit, piss for dem body, wen dem go suck catarrh comot from nose, baff pickin, fight to feed pikin, dirty all dem body. Nobody deysee all the work, na only the fine ‘turn up’ dem dey see. Na that kin mind dis Ejiro take waka come my ofis. Him no wan do any work at all, and becos im get know know for body, to even ask question wen im no sabi the work na war.

Una know wetin the mata be with dis kind attitude? Nobody go even show the guy anything, cos to teach am, he go vex you ehn. You know as sandpaper dey be? E dey scratch everything wey touch am. Na so dis boy be. If you dress near im side, im oversabi and know know attitude go just vex you, you go tire.

Attitude Beta Pass Skill

The mata be sey that thing wey dem dey call attitude, e get weight pass skill o! E get weight pass knowledge sef. If person dey carry sandpaper attitude dey waka, im road go long…im no go fit gbadunthe small small enjoyment of life. Only you one no fit know everything, if you try close mouth sometimes, open ear, put am for your mind sey oda people sef know something,  you go sabi some things wey you no sabi before. Anoda thing be sey, im attitude come open im yansh sef, so tey all him yama yama character come big well well for everybody eye.  You know sey to get beta character dey coverpersin yeye but persin wey no get good attitude na bad thing o! All the worwor character dem go dey show.

E good make persin dey put demself down, no be sey you no go know who you be but that yeye overconfidence dey cause sandpaper attitude. E go drive people wey fit helep you and you no go learn, plus to progress go hard. No be sey anybody dey jealous your brain power but to dey humble na the korekt way to learn.  Make you try combine beta attitude with intelligence, you go see as road go just dey open for you. E get persin wey talk sey, sometimes na our yeye character na im dey spoil waka for us pass sey opportunity no dey.

As for Ejiro ehn, the boy neva hear word so na to siddon look make life teach am the lesson cos people don yarn full him ear, him know know no let am see road. I hope sey him go hear word before him turn to dry crayfish wey no fit bend.

I don talk finish, beta attitude get weight pass skill.



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