My Lessons from Genesis 39-40

Today, @thelafamily read Genesis 39 and 40 on the #LAGenesis program and I’m sharing my thoughts here.

Let us look at the story of Joseph in the light of the promise that God gave. His life was such a yo-yo, up today, down tomorrow. And it is tempting in the face of those yo-yo moments to assume that God has abandoned you. Let’s see Genesis 39:1, the bible says that Potiphar bought him as a slave. And verse 2 says the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.

  • He was not in the palace yet, he had not fully attained his dream but at the very lowest, from the favoured son to the slave of an Egyptian, the bible records that the lord was with him. God’s presence does not mean all is dandy in the physical, but God is somewhere behind the scenes working out his purpose. Whatever your trial, hold onto God’s presence, that is all you need. See how God was with Joseph and He favoured Joseph in the face of Potiphar.

my lessons 2

  • The presence of God cannot be hidden, even unbelievers can see. The bible records that Potiphar saw that the Lord was with Joseph and that God made all he did to prosper. Our prosperity brings God glory, there is the type of prosperity that makes people acknowledge that there is a God that rules in the affairs of men.
  • Joseph too served with all he had. He didn’t grumble at being a slave even when he knew he was called to greater things. He served in whatever position he found himself. So, God favoured him, but he also had an attitude to sustain the favour. How many of us have God’s favour but are too lazy or have such bad attitudes to life, living, work that we are unable to sustain the favour God gives us before men? Not Joseph. Sometimes God gives you favour before your boss and you start slacking. Not Joseph, Joseph served.
  • He was promoted and God blessed Potiphar. God will bless those that bless you for your sake. How amazing to see that God blessed an Egyptian because he was connected with Joseph. Who we are connected to matters. By Potiphar’s connection to Joseph even as an employer, he was blessed. You see why we must pray before we are employed and employ? Our connections matter. And the presence of God cannot be hidden, it reflects, even when we are not where we should be, the presence of God is all we need.
  • Joseph was accountable, he earned his master’s trust such that he managed all his resources and the test came, the test of integrity.
  • The blessing of God upon you makes you a target for temptation. Could be to falsify accounts, or like Joseph to have an affair. And it is unrelenting pressure, meaning that you have to be high on the word to overcome. She approached Joseph every day, so one NO was insufficient. Sometimes, we give in to temptation because the pressure is a lot, and because we have not stored the word of God in us. How shall a young man keep his way pure? Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee. That was Joseph’s secret. He was so loaded with the word that he was able to overcome despite all the near term benefits that may have accrued.

my lessons 1

  • Despite all the resistance Joseph had, he ran away from temptation, there is no other response to appearances of evil, you can’t be so spirit filled that you stand still. You must run. And sometimes, God’s response to standing strong may not be immediate. Don’t be discouraged. Joseph landed in prison; just imagine the scorn of the other workers in the house, holier than thou Joseph, ehen!!! But Joseph didn’t even argue. God was still with Him.
  • He stood for God from Day 1 and yet God allowed him to be cast into prison. Doing right by God’s standards doesn’t always result in instant success. Sometimes the biggest trials actually are birthed from obedience. We know how God prospered him in prison, shewed him mercy and gave him favour in the sight of the prison keepers.  See the consistence, God was with him, God favoured him, Joseph worked hard, they handed everything over to him. He was always head no matter what pit he was in. The Lord made all Joseph do prosper.
  • Joseph was master in prison but he was compassionate. He noticed when the countenances of the butler and cupbearer fell. We cannot be so high up that we have no feelings for those we lead. We cannot be so self-centred that we do not give our gifts expression. It was compassion for the men that unwrapped Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams. Look around you; the gifts of the spirit locked inside you are waiting to be unleashed by challenges around you. You have to be sensitive to ‘recognise’ them. So Joseph interpreted the dreams and told the butler his story and asked that he remember and mention to Pharaoh. I can imagine him feeling, yes!!! This is my pathway out of this prison.
  • God does not always respond in a manner that gives men glory. The chief butler forgot Joseph. That may have felt like Joseph’s way out of captivity, talking to that uncle feels like the ‘only’ way to get a job, making that connection in church feels like the only way you would ever succeed but nothing comes out of it. God is not leaving you, He has not left, you, He is working behind the scenes. He will come through in a way that could only have been God.

Whatever you do, guard the presence of God with all your life. Stay Connected to God!!!

Have a blessed weekend




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    I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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