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I’m glad to have @2yus as a guest on my blog today. She was here last year with the ‘This Time Next Year’ post. check it out here.  

Today she shares about Transition…Enjoy

“I’m not a girl, not yet a woman, all I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I’m in between…” Britney Spears

In life, we often find ourselves ‘in between’. In between our reality and our dreams/goals/aspirations. There is always a period of ‘waiting to become’; a season of transition. It is not a pleasant place to be in. This is not surprising; no one likes long layovers while travelling even where the waiting time is a definite 4 or 7 hours. Just imagine been in transit indefinitely. Arrghhhh!!! But wait you must. I admit that in life it is quite tough to go through a season of transition.  If you are a planner like me, when in transition it is difficult to plan and the excuse is often not to start what one cannot finish. Guess what we ultimately do? Nothing.

In Transition 2

I have had a few seasons of transition myself. I remember my first season of transition, it was that wait between SSCE and university resumption. I wrote SSCE in May/June alongside JAMB and gained admission almost immediately and there I was glad to be finally done with secondary school with a few months to kill before the university opened. I loved to sew (I still do) and had gained such an expertise with hand stitching from my Home Economics class in primary school which I enjoyed on the side even in secondary school.  Even today, I wear a UK 8 but if I do not find what I want in an 8, I could get a 10 and fit it to an 8 with my needle and thread. I do a mean backstitch if I could say so myself.

In transition 4

So in this season of transition, my mum in her wisdom suggested that I take some fashion design classes.  But no, my short sighted wisdom would not allow me to be great. I wanted to ‘chill’ and I did just that. Somehow I convinced my mum otherwise and simply ‘faffed’ around with friends.  In retrospect, now I wish my mum put her feet down and insisted that I take those classes. At the time, I thought there would always be time to get the skills, I had my entire life ahead me afterall. Do I still love to sew? Yes I do.! Do I have the talent and passion to design outfits and sew? Yes I do. Do I know how to sew now? No!!!  Life happened and is still happening and finding the luxury of time to learn the skill professionally has proven immensely difficult.  After Law School and just before I got a job, I had yet another period of transition, now my challenges moved beyond wanting to chill. I had legitimate things keeping me busy and I no longer had the luxury I had as 16 year old and so I missed yet another opportunity to learn fashion designing. I was so caught up with career development and job hunting that learning to sew was in a dark crevice of my mind.


I have therefore come to the grand conclusion that periods of transition offer you an ‘opportunity’ to ‘Do Something’. Find something to do in that ‘in between’ season. ‘Faffing around’ like I did is not the way to go. Neither is being consumed with the next season as it will surely come. There is something the older generations do that irks me. They do not tell the full story. They wait till it happens to you and say “… hmm na so e be, na so e do me too”. Me, I am not about that life. My goal is that people should use my life as an example. If it did not work for me, I will warn. If it worked for me, I will encourage. Therefore, for any young person reading this, use your time wisely ooo pulling my ears. Learn to do something, especially with your hands and with your intellect. Learn hairdressing, make up, photography. Learn how to fix the generator, to change electric fittings, to paint walls, cut hair, cook, to  make beds hotel style. Volunteer (could be without pay) to work at office(s), your church office inclusive, the neighborhood school, groups in church. Your parents/ relatives may be building a house or starting a business. Help out, and gain life skills. Jump into the car and ride along, see where building materials are sold, learn how the business is managed. Learn people management skills. Learn how to manage a home, how to care for a baby. Soak it all in. It can never be too much. It can only add to you.


Transition is not only about education, it also speaks to seasons of your life. You are at a job that is not quite your dream job enroute your dream job. Don’t get so caught up wondering when the new job will come or searching for a new job that you miss out on your opportunity to learn or do something while waiting. So perhaps you are in transition between marriage and motherhood, between single and married, don’t waste your transition. Don’t wait so eagerly to be a mum that you fail to maximize the season when you and your spouse are home alone. The flexibility of your schedule in that season should be cherished and utilized. Perhaps you are fresh out of university and you are applying for jobs and preparing for aptitude tests and interviews and none has come through yet, that’s your season of transition. Don’t faff around like I did; don’t spend all day on twitter or online reading all the comments on Linda Ikeji, or watching back to back episodes of your favorite series alone. Get organized and use the season to build yourself. We are so often consumed with the timing of our awaited change that we don’t enjoy the present.

In Transition 3

Life only gets busier as we get older. Now, I have a career, a home and a family to manage and making time out to learn fashion designing and sewing is nothing near as easy as when I was 16 with no responsibilities asides house chores. Now, making a decision to take the classes has several ramifications. This is not me attempting to make excuses. My sewing machine is out. I have sewn bed sheets and pillow slips and a wrapper for “backing” my little one. I will continue with my little sewing projects and in the very next available season, I will take sewing classes. I am all over the internet and YouTube learning what I can with what time I have.

In Transition 6

My heart’s cry is to stop someone else from making my mistake. Learn from the mistakes of yours truly, and decide to do better. Time and chance happens and I am encouraging you to pursue whatever opportunities life throws at you, no matter how small. Don’t back down just because it is inconvenient. At the time, getting into a fashion design program that worked with my hours was tough but now I wish I just put my head into it, one hour, two hours, weekends whenever I could. I simply denied myself the opportunity because I was waiting for the ‘perfect time’ where the schedule fit exactly into mine. Guess what? That hasn’t happened.

In the words of Solomon in Eccl. 11:4, “He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap”

The ‘chilling’ and ‘faffing’ days are over. Start something. Start today.


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