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Dear Amazing Stupendous Grace Readers,

How are we doing today? I’ve been burdened about on-going events in Nigeria especially the abduction of the Chibok girls and I’m encouraged by all of us who have taken a stand that says #BringBackOurGirls.  We will make our voices heard, we will pray, we will protest, we will strategize for the rehabilitation of the girls; we will show responsibility because Nigeria is our country and that we are here means we have a response- ability. An ability to respond. Looking forward to the hashtag #OurGirlsAreBack  That would just be amazing and we believe by God that it will happen very soon.

Bring Back Our Girls II

In recent times, everywhere I’ve turned, it’s been as though God’s been telling me ‘Just Do Different’. And I mean this in every sense of the word. I’ve never felt so called to spontaneity and the random quirks of life and godliness as I have in recent times. To provide some background, I was reading Frances’ blog where she shared lessons from the evergreen tale of Rebekah and Isaac, check them out here; Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1 http://wp.me/p3W2rB-eV 

That story is an exciting, insightful one for me but then reading Frances’ 4th and final episode, it jumped out at me. Rebekah was a compassionate, helpful, well-mannered lady. She was everything that Eleazar was looking for but the true key that unlocked her interaction with Eleazar was her spontaneity. Everything about her encounter with Eleazar screams ‘unplanned’.


She must have planned to get to the well and then back home in good time to get stuff done. As we know, she wasn’t just laying about with nothing to do. She was a purpose driven woman (like many of us are). Today, we all learn about focus and time management, so our time is likely planned from the moment we get out of bed to when we fall asleep, but God also specializes in pushing us out of our comfort zones and shinning in the random spontaneous moments. Rebekah could have rationalized in her mind, my day is full, I would have loved to help this man but I really can’t, I won’t make it back on time to make dinner, do ….. (fill in the gaps). Big lesson was that God often provides us opportunities to bless others as we pursue purpose, but we must identify those opportunities and bless them even when it results in a delay for us or turns out to be stuff we didn’t expect.

Do Different

Another lesson is not to be too rigid that a moment of divinely inspired spontaneity is lost. Sometimes, God is just calling us to ‘Do Different’. Compassion and all the rewards may be locked in us because spontaneity did not release it.

Back to me, instead of responding impulsively like Rebecca did, I probably would have focused on my well set out plans, offering excuses like I have to be back home in 20 minutes and I don’t like to start things I can’t finish, I don’t do things outside of my plans, you have to call ahead, don’t you know I’m a busy woman?. Not Rebekah. Makes me wonder how many times I may have missed an opportunity to spontaneously respond to another, and chosen instead to walk according to ‘plan’ and missed out on God’s bigger plan. That’s what we learn all the time, the power of focus, but we must never be so organised and focused that we do not recognise God’s desire to disorganise us for good.


Rebekah shows us that some spontaneity is great. Do some unplanned things when the opportunity comes up. Be open to ‘change’ and inconvenience for the benefit of others as God leads. Truth is that it often is in very little things we are able to achieve greater things. Rebekah’s spontaneity was what provided room for all her virtues to shine through and led her to her Isaac. Her willingness to just ‘do different’ made all the difference.

Spontaneous 2

Recently I had a random idea, so I have this amazing blogger and tweep I had never met, she is a student at the NLS in Lagos so I stopped by on my way home to give her a hug. Didn’t cost me nada but that spontaneity was so worth it. Her eyes shone like jewels and my heart almost burst from the seams. That random 5 minute event changed the colour of her day and mine. I could have made up so many excuses, trust me. But that’s just it,  God is saying to me, ‘Just Do Different’, I’m not sure what that would mean to you at every point in time but for Rebekah it meant putting everything aside for that moment to help Eleazar.  It was Rebekah simply saying, everything else can wait. That’s a big lesson for me. Some things can wait for me to just be spontaneous, after all, otherwise, Rebekah would have gone back to same house, same life. Just imagine.

So in the spirit of ‘Just Do Different’, I am going to be sharing 10 random things about me.

Thanks to Frances for putting me up to do this, it is not something I would typically do, but well, what is learning without application? So it’s time to ‘Do Different’. Here goes.

So uhm, Sunshine Awards…

10 things about me


  1. I am conservative. Toss it and turn it around every way you can imagine?  If it’s too ‘loud or artificial’, count me out.  Definitely no Mac Ruby Woo for me. LOL. Yes, that’s me.
  2. I don’t like chocolates. Ooops, I know most ladies love them but forget it, matters not if it is the most exquisite Swiss Chocolate of all time. If you get me chocolates, they are likely gonna be gifted to someone special who loves them. Pushed to the wall, I make some exception for good old Snickers though, once in a blue moon. A bar for those days a colleague shares chocolates as spoils of a foreign trip. I love ice cream (ex-chocolate) and lovely desserts so I am a confirmed sweet tooth. I just don’t dig chocolates. 🙂
  3. I am one of those people who seem to never put on weight. I have had a rolling target of 5kg weight gain for many years now, no way. Losing is way easier for me than gaining. All them weight adding tips, I’ve tried and given up.
  4. I love to swallow…so I would rather have garri/pounded yam/starch over rice (most times). Just easier to swallow is all.
  5. I enjoy watching movies but please I’d do books over movies anyday. #TeamBookOverMovie:-)
  6. I enjoy rich conversations. You know how you can sit down with some people, connect and talk from things that pertain to life and godliness and right back without missing a beat? Those unconventional conversations that just flow from the weight of a new born giraffe to what Paul meant in a particular scripture and you aren’t sure how you got there and how time flew, but feel enlarged and empowered by the conversation? Yeap, I’m a sticker for those
  7. Oh my, I don’t like shopping for myself. I’m that chic that gets completely lost when I’m alone looking at racks and racks of clothes in different sizes.  I can travel to the UK and ‘Amelika’ and shop online. Yes o! that is me. Shopping is therapeutic ke? Mba, not in my world. Shopping is a necessity biko and I treat it like a chore. I have to plan and request for help. Dial 911 please… Thankful for sisters and friends like sisters who do professional shopping for my good self. Else I for don loss tey tey.
  8. I love to sing and I can sing. I sing impulsively and I have songs for days. I can sing a song and wear you out. Those people that sing one song till you almost wanna yell ‘shut up already’ when they begin again? Yeap, that’s me.
  9. Forget this English parade, I can throw it down in pidgin English, beta Warri style when I need to. Disclaimer (for the Waffi peeps, yawa fit dey but for the Lagos style pidgin, mehn, I’m a pro)
  10. I have a great grandma. Yeap! And she’s Christian? Oh, did I say she has a great great grandchild? Yup, she does.

Oh! and then just one for the road,

I could almost pass for a phone addict and thanks to this very cozy relationship; I am one of the fastest texters you may meet. Try chatting with me and you’ll see. Jokes apart though, I am learning to just ignore the phone many times to do more productive things and I am proud of myself for winning the war more often than not. LOL.

Why Stupendous Grace? My blog is a story of my journey. I truly have all sorts of stories to celebrate God’s amazing grace and Stupendous is only apt to describe the magnificence of God’s grace in my life so far. No jokes.

I hope this worked…Why do I see Frances wearing a big grin?


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