Recognising the new

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts ( Isaiah 55:8-9; KJV).

I recently heard a dad talk about his 8-month old baby. How that she loves being bottle-fed and would jump at the teat of the bottle, but as soon as you put the same formula in a plate and try to spoon-feed her, she totally revolts. Now, this is the same formula she totally loves in the bottle, but simply because the presentation is different from what she is accustomed to, she has no interest and literally has to be force-fed.

recognise the new 2

We are like that 8-month old baby; we make God a man and try to wrap Him around what we understand, like the baby understands the bottle. But oftentimes, He comes in a totally different way and we miss Him. I wonder what helped Abraham recognize the 3 men that visited with him on their way to Sodom. His ability to recognize and discern brought forth the promise of Isaac and the conversation that spared Lot’s life. I ask myself now if I would have discerned like Abraham, if I could have seen God do a new thing and keyed into it. I fear that I am very often locked up in the old, or simply  guilty of holding God subject to a previous methodology, as though if He had done something a particular way before, He would have to do it same way again.

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God is sovereign. And in the song, ‘Sovereign,’ John P Kee sang, ‘my God will do what He wants to do, whenever He wants to, He is God’.

God is always doing things, sometimes differently; many times like the Jews, we remain caught up in our tradition and refuse to see the revelation for what it is. Despite all the prophecies Jesus’ life fulfilled, they just didn’t see that he was the Messiah because it wasn’t ‘in the bottle’.

recognise the new 1
Like the 8-month old baby, we must see past the teat of the bottle, and understand that to be weaned we need to move to the plate and spoon. Moving from bottle, to plate and spoon, means looking beyond presentation to content and may require some near term discomfort, but it is ultimately necessary for long term development. It takes a deep understanding of the scripture above to realize that God is in the rain, even when we can’t seem to feel like He is; that He is doing a new thing. The question however is, ‘shall ye not know it?’. (Isa. 43:19).

recognise the new 3
The ways of our God are mysterious, perfect, unfathomable, inscrutable and inexplicable (Rom. 11:33).  He cannot be boxed and although doing things God’s way is hard at times, rest assured in the knowledge that, when God ordains something to be so in your life, He will give you the tools and resources you need to do His instruction and provide the strength and provisions needed to guide you through. It is time for us to begin to look a little closer and see God’s ways…look beyond the wrappings, and to the content; God’s ways will always be higher than ours.
Have a blessed week ahead.


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