My aunt, my blessing…

I am the first of two daughters and grew up always wishing I had an older sister. I truly wished I had someone to piggy back on, basically not cos i wanted to raid her wardrobe and do stuff younger sisters specialize in doing (well, partly so), but largely because I missed having someone to just talk girls stuff in an older sister manner to. Guess what, I did get my prayer answered. No, my parents did not produce an older sister in a ‘Blast From The Past’ moment but almost 16 years ago, my uncle got married and his wife has become that older sister I used to wish I had.

my aunt3

It’s her birthday today and I’m taking time out  to thank her for being there for my sister and I in a way that only an older sister could be. It’s been such a blessing to have her bounce my fears and frustrations off and I cannot even speak of the times she spoke peace to me amid a storm without even knowing. For the serenity and calm she exudes, for all the tips, from home keeping to living tips that we have learnt and oh my God, the wisdom that she has, the ability to analyse beyond the surface on matters that pertain to life and godliness. I’d like to think a little of that has rubbed off on me. 🙂

I’m glad I didn’t allow the stereotypes of in laws stand in the way of the lovely relationship that I have enjoyed with my aunt. To be honest, if i had to choose, I may not have chosen anyone different to be an elder sister for my siblings and myself but God did the choosing and He did a perfect job.

Happy birthday Tify, you know we absolutely love you.

my aunt 1

God bless you auntie.

May your life be full of days and may your days be full of  life.

I am grateful for you!



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  1. Wowzer!!! Awesome!!! You wouldn’t why I’m so excited about this post… She is my birthday mate!!!… 🙂
    Apparently April 6th women are uber-remarkable… #justsaying …
    Happy birthday to your ‘big sis’ !!!! The longer she lives, the brighter she shines! She tastes of the grapes of influence and success at every turn.


    1. Wow!!! Happy birthday dear Lizzie. So sorry I missed it. God bless you and continually enlarge your coast. I’ll send your birthday message privately. wink wink.

  2. ‘Loxie….ok, so I don’t know if to laugh or cry…..
    I’m extremely honored to be featured here. (I’m a celebrity,yay!!!) My words will be few. Let’s just say you guys are so easy to love and in the business of loving and living, that goes a long way. It’s good to know my daily ramblings *wink wink* actually make some impact.
    So thanks again sweetie. It’s all been a pleasure.

    @my birthday mate, hope you had an awesome day. May this new year bring something new -positively in Jesus name. And yeah April 6th ladies kinda got it going on *big smile*

    1. Thanks dear…I’ll make sure she gets your message. I understand exactly how you feel. It truly is great to read about wonderful people and have more basis for hope in the beauty of the human spirit. God bless you.

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