The Parable of the Jumper Cable

A few days ago, after working long and late, I was set to go home. As I got into my car and  made to turn my key in the ignition, it did not respond at all. Not one light on my dashboard came on. Alas, I had a dead battery. What did I know? I had a good friend help me start up the car using a jumper cable. I had not seen those in many years. I however remember that my dad kept a jumper cable in each of the family cars, the only way I got to know how  they worked. It was quite a refreshing reminder how that little cable in one’s trunk could be a life saver on a day the car decided to act up. Not too long after, I had some friends over at mine, and as I saw a few of them off, one of them couldn’t get his car started too. Again the jumper cable came to the rescue with the aid of another friend’s car. jumper cables 2 After that incident, I started a campaign to have everyone ensure they had a jumper cable in their trunk, alongside the mandatory caution sign, fire extinguisher and spare tire.  That could easily be the big difference between you and getting help on a day your battery leaves you high and dry. As I kept thinking about those two incidents, several things jumped out of my mind. I’ll share six lessons I learned. jumper cables 1 Lesson One: EVERYONE needs a jumper cable. It matters not if you have never needed it or seen it used. Better to be safe than sorry. The jumper cable refers to our ability to ‘receive’ help and assistance from others. Sometimes, we tend to feel so self-sustaining and independent. But life was not made for us to be independent of God or one another. We need each other. jumper cables 3 Lesson Two: Having a jumper cable makes help easily accessible when your battery fails, as one can never tell when his/her battery will develop a problem. At such times all you need is another motorist willing to share his/her battery power. However, one must possess the attitude to seek and receive help. jumper cables 1.1 Lesson Three:  The nature or age of the car the motorist that offers help drives does not matter. It may be a young and cool motorist in a brand new car or some vernacular speaking old man in an old yellow cab. Anyone is able to offer help regardless of the swag or absence of it. ANYBODY can start off your battery. God can use anybody and anything to give you that push you need to get going. We must open our hearts and minds to receive life and light from whoever God sends our way. In our very dreary moments, we may be missing out on that necessary push because we don’t have jumper cables or simply because we aren’t accepting battery life from motorists with cars dissimilar to ours. Anybody that stops on the highway with interest in an open bonnet may be your life support. Yes, people get robbed too, but what is there to lose? We have a dead battery and we need help.  We must stop judging people based on appearance and be prepared to receive life changing help, advice, or support from people we least expect to offer them. jumper cables 5 Lesson Four:  Having a jumper cable (being open to receiving a word or two or a pat on the back) is great but it may not suffice. Some problems require the motorist to actually offer more. Offer their own batteries to start up your car. Sensing the grave need at hand, they pour themselves into you to get you going. These compassionate motorists have made up their minds not leave you until your car starts. You must therefore remain open up to get more help than you envisaged. Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of people God sent to get you completely out of trouble. jumper cables 6 Lesson Five: You still need a good diagnosis. That the car took you home after starting on someone’s battery doesn’t make your car okay and good to go. You can only run on borrowed battery life for so long. You need to fix yours. After someone pours himself into you, you get enough fire power to move from that disadvantaged spot, but don’t get too cozy. Sadly, we do. We are okay with the short term solution but that battery power will not last you through the long term. You need a proper diagnosis of what went wrong with your car’s electrical system. You need a trustworthy electrician to let you know what you need to do right. Else in the near future, your battery will fail you again. jumper cables 7 Lesson Six: Your diagnosis may not be what you imagine it is, you may be surprised what the diagnosis actually is. You need to be open to accept the truth. So perhaps you just imagined it was a new battery your car needed but the electrician tells you that you require the wiring to be re-jigged.  Doing anything other than that, no matter how expensive, will not bring a solution. Find and listen to a trustworthy specialist who can tell you exactly what is wrong. You might just discover that the solution isn’t as expensive as you believed it would be. Like the car battery, your faith can fail without notice; when it does, be willing to receive help from anyone God sends your way.

They might just be your jumper cable!



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  1. Wow!!! Talk about perspicacity!!!
    This hit real close to home…. Thank you for sharing Eloho. Thank you.

    On a lighter note, did you know I had the unusual thought(while reading this), that it would be no small pleasure visiting with you? For a moment there, a couple images danced around my head, not excluding food 😉 , fun and excellent company.
    #okbye. 🙂

    1. Wow! Resplendent Lizzie, I’m honoured that it spoke to you.
      Perspicacity??? I covet your rich vocabulary.
      As per your on a lighter note request, would be glad to talk to you about it. 🙂
      God bless you.

      1. Amen. Thank you. 🙂 i’m going to act like I didn’t see that statement about coveting my ‘rich vocabulary’ .we both know better.

        It would be a delight@lighter note request.

        1. Dear Lizzie, you best believe that was as honest as honest it. :-). I covet your vocabulary, and I have said it again. We should have that conversation soon okay? Hugs!

    1. Thanks Toni, glad you got the message. We all need jumper cable attitudes to enable us receive and extend help to others. God bless you.

  2. this spoke to me profoundly.. I had to send a msg yesterday, to ask for help and I delayed and delayed and almost didn’t send it. why? cuz I’ve always being a self sufficient person.. this really spoke to me, we all need somebody, we need those who God has sent to us as helpers and sometimes, we may never get to know they can be our helpers if we don’t ask them for their jumper cable…
    or sorry, if we don’t ask for their help…

    1. Exactly dear! You hit the nail on the head. God’s idea for us is to relate with Him and with each other, so we are interdependent. There is such freedom when we allow people minister to us.
      God bless you.

  3. Exactly dear! You hit the nail on the head. God’s idea for us is to relate with Him and with each other, so we are interdependent. There is such freedom when we allow people minister to us.
    God bless you.

  4. i am one of those people who is always in a hurry to get rid of people when they don’t offer me what i think i need/want. i am learning now to be more open. yes some people will take advantage but the people that won’t makes it worth it.

    Thank you for this reminder. You have such grace and wisdom. 🙂

  5. This was one article too close to home especially since my car bat developed similar problems. But I may have to heed your warning to go check it out even though I think it’s because I didn’t use the car for about a week. An article in season gurl. Thanks. Great perspective too. 🙂

    1. Wow!!! I honestly have no recollection but this warms my heart so much. God bless you dear Debby.

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