We will say Holy

“That I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him…” – Philippians 3:10 (AMP)

Every time I study Philippians 3:10, it hits me and today I am sharing one of those insights. That I may know him?  I have always wondered what more Paul wanted to know about God when I was just dying here to have his experience. I mean, check out his first hand conversion experience on the way to Damascus, or the 3 years he spent in the desert of Arabia, where he was taught by God himself. (Gal. 1-2). Or shall we just consider how much he may have seen and experienced considering his out of body experience to the third heavens in 2 Cor 12? And after all this, he still desired to know God?

we will say holy1

So my questions started. What exactly did Paul mean? That I may know His character? Know his name? Know His power? What comes to me today is the thought from the Amplified Version, that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him. Progressively means that it is a continuous increase in the depth of knowledge of God, intimately means that its beyond a surface knowledge, think about intimacy in every sense of the word. It’s a very deep understanding, a genuine ‘knowledge’ that is shared by no one else but you. Intimately acquainted with Him also speaks of relationship depth. Paul wasn’t speaking about an intimate knowledge of God’s nature, that is a corollary and could be theoretical, what He spoke about was a relational knowledge of God. When we know people intimately, we know their nature, we understand their actions, can complete their sentences, yes, we really ‘know’ them.

we will say holy3

When we study the book of Revelation, we read about the angels, the seraphim and cherubim that stand around the throne of God and are before God’s face. (Rev. 4:8). The scripture tells us that every time they see God’s face, they say, “Holy.” They go back around and see the face of God again and each time they see something new, and they say, “Holy.” Then they fly around again and see something else they have not seen before, and they say, “Holy is the Lord!”

we will say holy 2

Think about it, wait a minute, they’ve been around that throne for millions of years, but every time they see the very face of God, they see something deeper in Him! They see something more intimate in God. They see something that makes them say once again, “Holy is the Lord!”. I dare us all to stick around the throne and see if we are not inundated with the many faces of God. Just sit down with the Scriptures and see if you are not amazed by the  many sided wisdom and beauty of God.

we will say holy 3

What do we do around here? Seems like some of us get around the throne of God just once, when we get saved.  And it seems like even that revelation of God as a savior begins to slip after a while because we haven’t gotten a newer view of the throne, we begin to doubt that we really met Jesus or experienced him. We have failed to see the many faces of God because unlike the angels that keep seeing God and unveiling Him, we just lose it. We have not understood that there’s a deeper understanding, even of El Shaddai, than just that He is the God of more than enough.

we will say holy 4

It is time to be inspired by the angels to seek for an intimate experience with God and a deeper revelation of Him. God is everything you need Him to be. And the way to discover that for yourself is to spend time with Him — in His word and in prayer. Spend time meditating in the Word of God and He will show you more of Himself. Then every time you get before God you will say, “Holy.” Then you will go before Him in prayer and you will say, “Holy.” You will be driving in your car and you will say, “Holy.” You will get to know God more deeply and intimately in the wonders of His person.

Let us seek the many faces of God’s person, and a progressively and more deeper intimate acquaintance with Him …I am sure that like the angels, we too will say ‘Holy’

God bless you.



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    1. Hmmm, thanks for stopping by dear In The.
      Now that i am out of my speechless state, just to say that I realise more than ever the depth of ‘That I may know Him’. Amen.

  1. This hit home….over the past few mnths I have come to realize that this is a race that literary has no finish line…as the warri man will say it: “U no fit see Jesus finish”
    Good work girl…..U have motivated me to buy my amplified study bible this week.

    1. Thanks dear Tee, there truly is no end to the revelation of Jesus, we just need to be hungry to discover Him anew.
      Glad that you are motivated, go get that study bible and see as the scriptures testify of Jesus. John 5:39. We will say holy together as we unveil the many sided wisdom of God together. God bless you.

  2. As I read this, I was speechless. Struck a cord in my heart, and now a violent desire to know him more than I already do. Overfamiliarty with him leaves me with a one dimesional thought of who he truly is.
    I no fit see jesus finish but I go like to know am pass like this.

  3. Revealing piece. Just like sinach wrote “the more i know You, the more i want to know You”. Thank God, He always leaves us thirsting for more.

    1. I totally agree, Very true and honestly, Sinach’s song was playing on my spirit at some point as I wrote this. God bless you and thanks for being here.

  4. Hmmn. There’s so much that is God. We’ll never fully comprehend. He is something different to us at every different point in our lives. So we keep striving to know more of Him, deeper levels of intimacy but bearing in mind that we can never fully know Him in His entirety. well done sis!

  5. The image of the angels continually being amazed at the revealing of Gods glory was in my minds eye beyond words …… I desire more than anything this continuous experience.
    Bless u.

    1. Ah….yes o! that image still blows me away. Thanks for stopping by FavoredWoman. God bless you.

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