Take the Limits Off

Hello everyone, how are we doing?

Today, I will be sharing my thoughts based on a very interesting story I recently heard. Enjoy!

An American business man visited one of the Middle Eastern countries to transact business, and as he made preparations to return he received a visitor. The visitor told him that the princes of the land would like to give him a gift, hence they would like to know what kind of gift he would like. “I have enjoyed my stay here and I am set to return home. What could I possibly request as a gift?” He thought to himself. He wished that the young man would simply convey his gratitude to the princes. It was like he was saying, “thanks, but no thanks.”


“They would be sorely displeased by your refusal to accept their offer of a gift sir, please permit the princes to grace you with a gift, whatever pleases you,” the visitor insisted. Almost near exasperation, he responded and said,  “I’d like a golf club.” The young man gladly took note of his request and took his leave.


A few weeks later, he returned to the U.S and had long forgotten the conversation about the gift when he was informed about a waiting guest. After introductions and salutations, the guest said to him, “I would like you to spare a few minutes to go for a drive. I’d like to take you to your gold club, the princes have your gift ready and I’d like you to take delivery.”

golf club

Wait a minute, did he just hear that they were driving to a GOLF CLUB? They took a drive and arrived at a nice mini golf course complete with a lovely golf club and water holes, the entire works. He was amazed. When he requested a golf club, he meant a golf club, the club he would swing and hit a golf ball with. Now, he had said one thing, the princes heard same thing but interpreted differently.

golf club1

Now, that just takes me to the way we often read and understand God’s word. We read the letters but our minds are so small that we make the meaning much smaller than God intends for it to be. Put yourself in this American man’s shoes and revisit the scriptures that you are most endeared with, think about them again in the context of God’s omnipotence and then examine how you have received it. Are you seeing a simple golf club, where God means an entire equipped GOLF CLUB?


no limits4

Oftentimes, we have limited God’s ability to our mental capacity. We are unable to see what He saw when He said what He said in the scriptures. Imagine yourself as the MidEastern Prince, with unlimited resources at your disposal. Surely a befitting gift for a friend would inspire you to think a GOLF CLUB and not just a golf club. That is how we should begin to study God’s word, in the light of His capacity, in full acknowledgment of His benevolence. Surely, our minds will be expanded to receive if only we can take the limits off.

Let your revelation of the word you carry be inspired by the understanding of who your Father is and let that burst like an illumination in your spirit as you search and appropriate the scriptures to yourself. Let that inspire faith…not just faith to own cars and houses, but faith to lead a life fit for the child of a King!

no limits3


Have an amazing day.

God bless you.





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  1. Beautiful! At first I wondered where you were going with this story but I fell in love with the end. Take off the limits, God wants to give me an entire GOLF CLUB! Huha! #ExcitingIllustration 🙂

  2. Beautiful! At first I wondered where you were going with this story but I fell in love with the end. Take off the limits, God wants to give me an entire GOLF CLUB! Huha! #ExcitingIllustration 🙂

    1. Thanks Sis…just reading your comment reminded me of a song ‘ My Father’s rich in houses and lands, He holds the world in the palm of His hands. Rubies and diamonds, silver and gold, I’m a child of the king, wherever I go’. When did we becomes such ‘adults’ of God that we no longer have the faith of children that sees the omnipotent ability of the father to deliver on a promise. It is time to ‘Take the Limits Off’.

  3. Don’t look now Eloho but I’m about to kidnap you…lol. You took the revelation right out of my heart, as God’s been dealing with me.
    Here’s my take;
    -We are creatures of eternity, not time…might as well save time and see things God’s way…Its when we see,we do(His will) right.
    -I see as He sees. Its my default. When I see, i’m not concerned with the how or when, I simply believe the revelation of His will is limitless and that the corresponding resources are made available.

    Blessed are you among men! Your voice continually spreads Love&Life to men.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love your comment Lizzie, there’s nothing more to say in response. God bless you!
      As to taking the revelation out of your heart, isn’t our father just awesome? He’s totally amazing in the way He speaks and confirms His word to us.
      Time to run with the revelation…’I am a creation of eternity, not time…’
      God bless you more! Much love.

  4. Even though I was returning from church this evening, I saw a scene that impressed a limiting mentality on my mind… Thanks for the timely rescue this piece is to me.
    Now, I am gonna find what the word says concerning that scene and believe as he said.
    Thanks again for letting God use you.

  5. It’s definitely time I stop limiting God. It’s time I begin to walk with the conciousness that GOD – My daddy – Is the ALMIGHTY, The OMNIPOTENT, The I AM, The Creator of Everything in heavens, on earth, seas and beneath. God doesn’t think like us, doesn’t work like us, and so I believe his promises are much more than we can even comprehend.
    I’m taking the limits off.
    Thanks ma!

    PS: I love lizzie’s comment “we are creatures of eternity but Let’s save time and see as God see’s (then we can have a taste of eternity)

    1. Sure dear, I agree that it is indeed time to walk in the consciousness of the identity of God and because God’s ways are not our ways, except we take on His mentality, we will always short change ourselves by our inability to conceptualise His plans for us. Eyes have not seen, ears have no heard neither has it come to the thoughts of man what God has in store for those who love Him. God bless you dear.

  6. Wow, I love this. We are so myopic in our understanding that we would limit God’s plans for our lives. Thank God for His infinite mercies that would look beyond our perceived limitations and give us His best.

    1. Thank God indeed. Thank you for being here…may God cause our eyes to be open like Gehazi’s to the bigness of our God in the face of our myopic understanding. God bless you.

  7. “Revisit the scriptures that you are most endeared with…”

    Phil 4:7 came to my mind immediately. I’ll certainly be revisiting it.

    I’m sure I’ll find my very own GOLF CLUB. Good bless you Eloxie.

  8. So I stumbled on this and this is major Rhema for me……. God bless and coNtinually inspire u.
    I also love the fact that u didn’t brag in this article..too many Christian bloggers have become braggers.

    1. Aww! So glad it spoke to you Tee. Amen to your lovely prayers and I pray that you see God in His magnificence as you take the limits off. Hope to see you around here soon. *winks*

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