Thank you!

Today’s post is inspired by an old song,  ‘Thank you’ by Ray Boltz.

Take a listen and find below the lyrics.

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Today’s post is inspired by an old song, ‘Thank you’ by Ray Boltz.

Take a listen and find below the lyrics.

I dreamed I went to heaven
And you were there with me
We walked upon the streets of gold
Beside the crystal sea

We heard the angels singing
Then someone called your name
You turned and saw this young man
And he was smiling as he came

And he said, “Friend
You may not know me now”
And then he said, “But wait
You used to teach my Sunday School
When I was only eight”

“And every week you would say a prayer
Before the class would start
And one day when you said that prayer
I asked Jesus in my heart”

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

Then another man stood before you
And said remember the time
A missionary came to your church
And his pictures made you cry

You didn’t have much money
But you gave it anyway
Jesus took the gift you gave
And that’s why I am here today

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

One by one they came
Far as the eye could see
Each life somehow touched
By your generosity

Little things that you had done
Sacrifices made
Unnoticed on the earth
In heaven now proclaimed

And I know up in heaven
You’re not supposed to cry
But I am almost sure
There were tears in your eyes

As Jesus took your hand
And you stood before the Lord
He said, “My child look around you
Great is your reward”

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

thank you 2
More than ever, listening to this song brought so many thoughts to me, thoughts that I would like to share very briefly as I believe the song has done more of the work than I could.

thank you 6

We are typically blown away by the big ministers and huge ministries, intimidated sometimes by those with huge followings and fail to realize that God reckons with us one on one. That teacher in children’s church, that woman that volunteers her time to clean up when the service is over, the one that stays behind to listen to a crying distressed young woman, that young boy that takes interest in a poor boy and breaks social/class barriers. the little things count and like the song reveals, it would be most surprising what God accounts to us. We would be surprised what counts towards our treasures in heaven.

thank you 3

It is the little things, that person whose meal you paid for in direct answer to prayer without even knowing, that person you minister to via dm on Twitter and or via a phone call and nobody ever sees and knows, that bus fare you paid for a stranded stranger, that person who is standing today because you listened without judging , someone who found Jesus because your life did the preaching, or someone who got saved because a long time ago you made time out to share the word.

thank you 7

I’ve realized from studying the gospels that God requires us to minister in our little ways and I remember Matt. 25:34-36.

Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me…

Kirk Franklin sang in his song, ‘The Last Jesus’, If I say I love Jesus, but You can’t see my Jesus, my words are empty, if they can’t see Jesus in me. No more excuses, I give myself away, because I may be the only Jesus they see

thank you 9

Let’s just go out there and love people. If I love people and you love people amidst this cold, selfish world, we reflect the power of Christ in us. The gospel is more believable if we live it out one step at a time. I may not know all of the scriptures but what difference it would make to have people testify of the little things I did and how God worked through them to change their lives. I want to love and reach out as much as Christ enables me to. Let someone’s life be different because of me, it may be because I took time out to pray, to reach out (infact the person may not even know that I prayed) but just giving to the Lord could change a life. That blog of yours that you think no one is reading, those tweets that don’t get RT’d, you have no idea what lives God is changing through them.

thank you 4

My aunt met a young man in Lagos 4 years ago, she didn’t recognize him but she led him to Christ during Rural Rugged during her Youth Service in Maiduguri 12 years earlier. He recognized her and was so glad to see her. Some years ago, on one of the outreach missions, my pastor had to pay bond redemption to a brothel manager to get a young teenager free of the shackles of prostitution. Believe me, for her that was more Jesus than she would have heard from the words of a sermon. That in itself was such a reflection of Christ’s redemption power, the act changed her life. Someone’s rent is due and it may just be about the cost of your random lunch date. Paying that rent/bill  may be all it takes for him/her to believe in Jesus. The ability of Christ to move through me to bless others, that is the resurrection power right there. It is amazing the Jesus people see in their needs being met, in their lives being changed… and like the song says “… Little things that you had done, Sacrifices made, unnoticed on the earth, in heaven now proclaimed”

thank you 5

I hope this blessed and encouraged you as it did me.

Thank you for giving to the Lord in your own way…there are lives being changed.


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  1. I had something seriously deep (if I do say so myself) that I typed before and it got swallowed! Now I’m trying to remember it….I’ll come back once I do!

    1. Awww! So sorry NW, I am sure it will come to you soon. Glad it spoke to you though and inspired something that even you consider ‘seriously deep’. God bless you.

  2. I am certainly grateful for all the unknown people who tarried in prayer for me to come to Christ
    Tis why I have a passion for prayer and believe that more than anything, God answers the prayers of our heart.
    Simple thoughtful things.

    1. Oh my God, that is one of the biggest gifts ever, the quiet intercession for the salvation of friends and family and just responding to the burden by the Holy Ghost to pray for others (who may never know). It is something I am encouraged to pick up again. I have an aunt who prayed consistently for over 10 years for her brother to be saved and kept at it until God saved him . The testimony of how he got saved alone in the Middle East and was subsequently taught of the Spirit was just amazing. Imagine all the unknown people God raises up in intercession for us, i have heard amazing testimonies. Thank you Pamela for this lovely comment, it has ministered to me today. God bless you.

  3. I am so grateful for all the people that tarried for me in prayer
    They had a greater impact than those who talked, argued etc
    That is why I believe in the power of prayer so much
    (I have been reading Charles Finney)
    I am also resurrecting my passion for intercession again.


    1. Oh dear, you just hit the nail on the head. The unknown intercessors have had such great impact and their reward is from God and God alone. Only God knows who He has woken up to pray for me. Only God knows which of my friends and family have tarried for me in prayer without me knowing or ever acknwowledging it, but God knows and accounts it for them. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Whatsover you do to the least of my brothers
    That you do unto me.

    This points me very much in the direction of: Don’t ever not give because you think it’s too small. There’s no ‘too small’

    A lot of us give and keep score, tallying up our worth in heaven, counting the “big stuff” when the seemingly insignificant things matter too in God’s eyes.

    God bless you for sharing Eloxie.

    1. Yes dear…just keep at it. It may appear little but God considers it as much. And if we are living for the audience of one, His opinion is ALL that matters.

  5. We do our part, no matter how small knowing that our Father in heaven sees & records all our thank-less deeds. And when God says thank you – there is no greater commendation than a divine appreciation of all that we did that went unnoticed.

  6. Same reaction every time I read you…
    Blessed is the man that would marry this babe…
    Nne I need a sip of whatever makes you dish out such wisdom.
    Just a sip…

  7. My dear dear Eloxie. I lack the right words. This post stirred something deep and beautiful in the depths of my heart. I’ll never forget a certain evening after a long and really depressing day. You just showed up mysteriously in my mentions and sent a big hug to myself and some other members of the LA Family. That gesture touched me deeply. Countless times you show up in my dms, encouraging me and cheering me on. You have no idea how special you are to me. And to think we’ve never even met.
    I’ve always believed in being kind to people as much as one can. Like you rightly said, we’re the only Jesus some people will ever see plus the only Bible they’ll ever read. Little acts of kindness always go a long way. Instead of ‘preaching’ all the time we should try doing. Let our actions preach the message of love given to us by Jesus. Regardless of how we want to look at Christianity, it all boils down to love.
    Don’t tell someone ‘it is well with you’ or ‘God will provide’ when it is within your capacity to meet their need.
    Let me not start my own sermon here. 😀
    Great piece as always sis. May your fountain of grace and wisdom never run dry. I love u

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