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By temperament, I am dominantly Phlegmatic, and one of the downsides is that I am a natural worrier. I tend to worry about the minutest things. Every day, one of the ways I know God is at work in me is that He brings my worry weakness under control. As I write I remember how I worried as a university student several years ago that I never seemed to put on weight. So worried was I that it came up in a conversation with my mentor. His response to me was, ‘Eloho, you must learn not to worry about things you cannot change’. That was very instrumental to me as it gave me a basis to initiate behavioral changes. I am still unable to add on any weight now, but my attitude is much different. I have however gone ahead to modify his advice a little, ‘Eloho, you must not worry at all’. As a believer, worry is disobedience because Jesus clearly says, ‘Worry Not!’

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In my opinion, after procrastination and indecision, worry is probably one of the biggest thieves of time; and a thief of time is a thief of destiny. In Matthew 6:25-34, three times in that short passage Jesus commanded, “Do not worry!”, and the way He said it shows the comprehensiveness of His charge. In verse 25 He acknowledges worry as a common practice and says, “Stop worrying!” In verses 31 and 34, He uses the same word, but in a way that means “Don’t even start worrying.” To continue worrying about anything, or to start worrying in the first place, is to violate the Lord’s command. Just as fear is contrary to faith, worry is absolutely contrary to faith in Christ and without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.

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If I believe God can redeem me eternally why can’t I trust Him for day to day stuff? Worry is such a subtle sin; you can worry about not praying enough for hours, but that is all it is. Worry. You still haven’t prayed! Worry often appears as though you are solving the problem, but you are not even praying or talking to God or making progress when you worry, rather you have only compounded the existing problem. Worry can inspire foolish life decisions and incur painful consequences in addition to the problem that inspired the worry to start with.

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But even worse, Worry says, “God, I just don’t think I can trust you.”  And by worrying I strike a blow at the person and character of God. It’s like giving a flowery speech about my boss, appraising him highly and yet failing to escalate matters to him when I’m overwhelmed. It diminishes my testimony about my boss in the first place.

Worry also means I don’t believe the scriptures I read. You can’t believe the Bible and still worry.

Worrying makes my circumstances my master instead of the truth of God’s word. 

When I worry, I do not trust my Heavenly Father. Seeing God’s track record in Scripture and in my life assures me that worry is needless.

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If you keep a Grateful Journal or some record of God’s acts in your life, they will provide a support for you when you are tempted to worry. Check my blog about gratitude here. Don’t forget to remember!

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God has an expected end for you, it may not be what you expect, but trust Him it is best for you.  In his song, ‘You are Good’ on  his album ‘Greater Than,’ Tye Tribbet said, ‘What I am going through may not be good to me, but it is good for me because I know that ALL things work together for my good.’

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Say no to worry today. God has given us the glorious gift of TODAY. Trust God and live in faith. That is the only way to please God. Faith helps you see that God has an expected end for you, a promise backed by His integrity. Like United States Treasury Bills are backed by the integrity of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States and are considered nearly risk free, so is God’s word over you. Find it, speak it and superimpose it over every contradiction of life. Whose report will you believe???  WORRY NOT!




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