Who’s your daddy?


As evening came, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.”

I had read Mark 4: 35 and was wondering why Jesus rebuked the disciples for having little faith when the boat was sinking. I was curious because I thought, “what were they supposed to do?!” Even if they had faith, how were they to express it in that moment of fear and imminent danger?

Were they to just frantically keep emptying the boat of the water flooding in, all the while mumbling mechanically to themselves “I have faith, I have faith, I have faith!” ?

whos your daddy4

Or were they to wake Jesus up in a gentler manner, rather than in frightened tears? What if they said to Him, whispering in an unruffled way that the boat was sinking. Would that have been a better expression of faith?

I wondered and prayed that God would show me, and He did! You see, Jesus had told them “let us go over to the other side”. And in His Word Itself is the exertion of His mighty power…(Selah). So we can see from the rebuke of Jesus that, in that frightening moment of flooding when Jesus was sleeping, He expected them to express His sovereign authority by giving voice to His Word! (Psalm 103: 20) Therefore they could have told the storm-

“Jesus said we are going to the other side!”

Even more audacious, they could have scolded the storm-
“be quiet! Jesus said we are going to the other side!”
whos your daddy2

I believe this is what Jesus would have had them do, and in meditating on this story, I was reminded of my childhood, and how we had many young adult relatives and friends living with us. Sometimes they babysat us, and sometimes they were strict. But if my Parents had left instructions for me to have, for instance, cookies at leisure time, there was no “Uncle” or “Aunt” tough enough to discourage, distract or intimidate me into not eating my cookies. Even if they tried to stop me for whatever reason not prescribed by my Parents, they were sure to get an earful from me, as they watched me settle down to enjoy my cookies, a symbol of my authority as my parents’ child. Why the confident disregard for their interruption though? Because Mummy or Daddy said I could have it! Simples!

whos your daddy3

Same way, regardless of distractions in life and the obstacles that may try to stop us, we can disregard them and lay hold of God’s promises. If they seem slow coming or not immediate, we can rest in His love and trust that as we continue to declare what our Father promised, He will shape our reality. Simply because Jesus said it! And if at any point, anything at all frightens or unnerves us, we can cry to the Lord and we can be certain that He will respond to us and rebuke the affront. Simply because Jesus said it!

whos your daddy5

All possibilities considered, the evening of 2013 has come, and since Jesus says ‘let us go over to the other side’, we can march into 2014 with the boldness that comes from knowing just Who our Daddy is! In the Word of this King is power!
whos your daddy1
© Sophie Neeze
30th Dec 2013
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