Take your medicine!

Hello everyone,

This happened yesterday and I thought to share.

Mondays are typically my busiest week day at work. You know the drill, arrive at work, draw up To-Do List, start working through, ticking check check as you go. Yesterday was a desk day, meaning that I had no meetings, just me and my lonely ‘lappie’ and the long to do-list. So i worked meticulously through the list and about mid-day, I realised my laptop was flashing a low battery warning.  Not a big deal, all I needed to do was connect my charger right?  Guess what? I actually ensured that I connected the charger to my power socket and continued working. I felt like I had dealt the distraction and was ready to continue with my work.


medicine 3

Not too long afterwards though, I got another more desperate warning from my laptop.  I was almost sure there was a mistake somewhere, after all , I knew what to do about the problem, but I then realized that I had failed to plug in the power cable to my laptop. Ha! That was hilarious to be honest. So the cable was linked to the power source but it wasn’t connected to my laptop.

medicine 4

Guess what this just reminded me of? My life! So many times, we can identify what the problem with us is alongside the likely solution, in fact should we lack awareness, we often find diagnosis and solutions all around us, and in the word/sermons/advice we receive, just like my laptop prompted me. It’s the same with us, oftentimes, we identify our problems and know our own medicine, we know the dosage, infact we often take pains to go purchase said medicine to deal our diagnosed ailment. But, like me, we actually FAIL to ingest our medication and our problem remains with us. I failed to connect the power cable and was even more threatened by a loss of power on my laptop than I was at the first warning.

Lesson? @eloxie, take your medicine!

medicine 2

That thing you need to do? Beyond just knowing you need to do it and why and how you need to do it, DO IT! If you need to create more quiet time? DO IT! If you need to forgive? DO IT. If you need to exercise? DO IT. If you need to talk less? DO IT. If you need to prioritize better? DO IT. If you need to let go and not always have the last word? DO IT. If you need to #DoSomething, DO IT.

medicine 5

You know the problem with failing to do it? You become immune to the instructions. You feel like, well, that doesn’t apply to me, I already know. But failing to do what you know, failing to apply what you have learned is just as bad as having no idea what is wrong or not knowing at all what to do. It’s not enough to know the signs and symptoms of different ailments and the generic and brand names of the medication required to address the ailments. Knowing all these makes you sound really smart and all together, but you are likely a smart, aware and unhealthy being.  Knowledge without action is as disturbing as is ignorance. How ironic it is to have ‘my medicine’ and yet fail to ingest it? How sad to know what I need to do to correct some wrongs in my life and yet fail to DO. It is time to TAKE MY MEDICINE, that’s what makes me healthy again.

medicine 6

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. (James 4:17)

It’s time for me to begin to DO all I know I should be doing.

What about the other ailments that you yet have no prescription for? Those will come next, deal the ones you have prescriptions for first,

@eloxie, take your medicine!!!



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  1. Thank God for epignosis
    The knowledge that causes us to act.

    I can listen to someone speak about say a bar of chocolate that if it falls, they would pick it up and bind that devil.Say five hours later, my dodo will fall and I will pick it up, blow up the dust and eat it and mentally bind the devil.

    What have I done? I did what I heard subconsciously. That is why there is something about Joshua 1:8, what you hear continuously, you will be careful to do.


    1. Oh, thanks Sis, thank God for epignosis indeed, revelation that jumps out of our spirit and inspires us to act. I love what you said about what you hear continously (as a form of learning that inspires immediate action. this was a new angle to my post and I truly appreciate you for sharing it. God bless you!

  2. Lol. This made me laugh at the beginning because that has happened to me before. I know what I ought to do, I take steps towards it and somehow not finish up. It was in my head o but somehow I did not get to do it.
    It’s possible to become immune to knowledge like you said. “Oh I know this already so it doesn’t apply to me” whereas we actually fail to act on the knowledge we have. Self discipline is key.
    Great read Eloxie, God bless u

    1. Thanks dear…discipline is very necessary to do what we already know we should be doing. I feel you on the ‘it was in my head…but somehow I did not get to do it’. God help us to act on what we already know. Hugs!

  3. as always…you hit the ball out of the park… (i am becoming too American in my way of speaking)

    Thank you for giving me something to think about 🙂

    1. Thanks Kiah, my very own ‘Americanah’. You are welcome dear, glad that my thoughts earned some of your meditation time. LOL. Bless you dearie. God help us to not just he hearers and knowers but to be doers.

    1. Oh yes NW, you are welcome. It is time to plug the cord right back in and power up our lives. Thanks for always being here.

  4. Aaah, why did you have to remind me of James 4:17 now? Okay, okay, I’ll start taking my medicine. God give me grace ooo, the medicine is bitter! *tears*

  5. As I read this,I almost cried.
    Shoot! At this point in my life where I’m slowly crashing and losing my sanity this is a Very very timely advice. Thank you.

  6. I’ve read this post again and again and again. I even had to screen grab everything.

    God bless you big. Asin eh, God bless you wella.

    *Knowing and not applying is as disturbing as ignorance* tnx ma.

    I just pray for the grace to Do, I don’t want this to be another knowledge acquired and not applied.

  7. I laughed and laughed … It was like a comic relief, but then I became sober….. Mean…. A comic realisation. It is well o with God’s Grace we will ‘do’ what needs to be done.

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