I remember reading quite recently off someone’s TL how he went to a pizza place to order pizza, and how the shop girls kept trying to correct him , saying that it was pronounced ‘pizza’ and not ‘pitza’ (‘piːtsə‘), and they were laughing almost condescendingly at him. But guess what? He was right and they were wrong. They were mocking a man they could quietly have learned from. Reminds me of a time I ordered a croissant and had the waiter try to correct my pronunciation because he was lost from the get go. I found out he was new, didn’t bother too hard,  he got my order and I was good to go.

That thought crossed my mind today, the girls did not know better, and wouldn’t it have been such a shame if the man in question started to doubt what he knew and bowed to their mocking snickers and started pronouncing pizza like they did? Why did he stand his ground? He stood his ground because he knew he was right and they were wrong. Infact, he didn’t argue with them; he tweeted about it because for a mini second there it must have hurt a teeny bit to have people mock at you for an absolutely justified position when they should be learning from you.

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Every day, some of us are in those same shoes, ridiculed for the position we hold, by people who may not know any better. Sometimes, even beyond the mocking laughter, we end up being called names or outrightly ignored. Does it make them right? Do we feel pressured to just change our position because we may be outnumbered?

I’m asking us to be like that gentleman at the pizza store that day, to not feel the need to convince people but to also not change our conviction because people don’t agree. Guess what? Someday, those young girls may learn what the correct pronunciation is and they may remember this young man who told them otherwise and they will be better for it. But even if they don’t, his accepting their poor pronunciation doesn’t make it right.

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Now, this is a call to personally appropriate this to your life. I don’t care what the majority is saying; oh maybe it is that, abstinence before marriage is impossible, or that everyone is doing it.  Or perhaps it is that you need to know a godfather to get ahead, or that God’s standards aren’t achievable. Whatever they are saying, and whatever the tone they employ, trust me, sometimes it can be hurtful and very discouraging. But perhaps like those shop girls, they don’t know any better, should you then tag along and drop your conviction? No way!  It is time to chin up and remember what you ‘know’ and what you are convinced about. Why would you allow a ‘shop girl’ mentality get to you or challenge your conviction. Or why would you feel the need to prove to them how right you are and how wrong they are? Drop it…let it be.

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All the time, I find people letting go of their standards so they don’t stick out, so nobody labels them as a spirikoko, all to what end? Just so that they are better accepted by these people with the ‘shop girl’ mentality.  No more.  (I’m not talking about a hypocritical in-your-face type Christianity o!) Please, don’t even dare. In the words of Bishop Mark Moore, ‘There are people who will press you to lower your standards not to make YOU better, but so THEY won’t feel as bad about themselves’. #Dont

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We keep learning every day, but we must ensure that we are not sacrificing our standards on the altar of popularity. We can be civil and very friendly, but we know who we are and what we are called to. Political Correctness and the theory of inclusion is gaining ground, and we are often tempted to tow the lines of general acceptability versus standing for righteousness. That would be like accepting the shop girls’ pronunciation of pizza despite knowing it was wrong, just so we are temporarily accepted.

pizza 6

Pizza is pronounced as pitza, that’s the truth, absolute truth. Nothing any one says is going to change that. That’s the same for the absolute truth of God’s word, it is settled in heaven and I would rather take a stand with that against the world than walk with my fleeting feelings of self-acceptance or temporary happiness.

May God give us all the grace to take a stand for the word of God and our convictions against all contradictions and ‘shopgirls;.


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God bless you and have a great weekend.



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