I remember reading quite recently off someone’s TL how he went to a pizza place to order pizza, and how the shop girls kept trying to correct him , saying that it was pronounced ‘pizza’ and not ‘pitza’ (‘piːtsə‘), and they were laughing almost condescendingly at him. But guess what? He was right and they were wrong. They were mocking a man they could quietly have learned from. Reminds me of a time I ordered a croissant and had the waiter try to correct my pronunciation because he was lost from the get go. I found out he was new, didn’t bother too hard,  he got my order and I was good to go.

That thought crossed my mind today, the girls did not know better, and wouldn’t it have been such a shame if the man in question started to doubt what he knew and bowed to their mocking snickers and started pronouncing pizza like they did? Why did he stand his ground? He stood his ground because he knew he was right and they were wrong. Infact, he didn’t argue with them; he tweeted about it because for a mini second there it must have hurt a teeny bit to have people mock at you for an absolutely justified position when they should be learning from you.

pizza 3

Every day, some of us are in those same shoes, ridiculed for the position we hold, by people who may not know any better. Sometimes, even beyond the mocking laughter, we end up being called names or outrightly ignored. Does it make them right? Do we feel pressured to just change our position because we may be outnumbered?

I’m asking us to be like that gentleman at the pizza store that day, to not feel the need to convince people but to also not change our conviction because people don’t agree. Guess what? Someday, those young girls may learn what the correct pronunciation is and they may remember this young man who told them otherwise and they will be better for it. But even if they don’t, his accepting their poor pronunciation doesn’t make it right.

pizza 4

Now, this is a call to personally appropriate this to your life. I don’t care what the majority is saying; oh maybe it is that, abstinence before marriage is impossible, or that everyone is doing it.  Or perhaps it is that you need to know a godfather to get ahead, or that God’s standards aren’t achievable. Whatever they are saying, and whatever the tone they employ, trust me, sometimes it can be hurtful and very discouraging. But perhaps like those shop girls, they don’t know any better, should you then tag along and drop your conviction? No way!  It is time to chin up and remember what you ‘know’ and what you are convinced about. Why would you allow a ‘shop girl’ mentality get to you or challenge your conviction. Or why would you feel the need to prove to them how right you are and how wrong they are? Drop it…let it be.

pizza 1

All the time, I find people letting go of their standards so they don’t stick out, so nobody labels them as a spirikoko, all to what end? Just so that they are better accepted by these people with the ‘shop girl’ mentality.  No more.  (I’m not talking about a hypocritical in-your-face type Christianity o!) Please, don’t even dare. In the words of Bishop Mark Moore, ‘There are people who will press you to lower your standards not to make YOU better, but so THEY won’t feel as bad about themselves’. #Dont

pizza 5

We keep learning every day, but we must ensure that we are not sacrificing our standards on the altar of popularity. We can be civil and very friendly, but we know who we are and what we are called to. Political Correctness and the theory of inclusion is gaining ground, and we are often tempted to tow the lines of general acceptability versus standing for righteousness. That would be like accepting the shop girls’ pronunciation of pizza despite knowing it was wrong, just so we are temporarily accepted.

pizza 6

Pizza is pronounced as pitza, that’s the truth, absolute truth. Nothing any one says is going to change that. That’s the same for the absolute truth of God’s word, it is settled in heaven and I would rather take a stand with that against the world than walk with my fleeting feelings of self-acceptance or temporary happiness.

May God give us all the grace to take a stand for the word of God and our convictions against all contradictions and ‘shopgirls;.


P.S. If you are in Lagos, I would like to invite you to the @8090connect concert featuring J Moss Live. See details below.

Can’t wait to see you there.

It’s a standing concert, so please come prepared to praise on your feet.

pizza 7

God bless you and have a great weekend.




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  1. I love how you related d pizza story to life. So true.
    Standing alone is something I have learnt to do no matter what. This is a good reinforcer. Sooner than later, more people will see the light we see.

    1. Oh dear, I love Tim Godfrey and The Extreme Crew too. Those guys are something else. The energy, the vocals, the arrangement…very creative. Will be sure to enjoy. Thanks hun.

  2. this is why it is absolutely necessary to both stand and walk in knowledge and personal revelation cos these are things no one can take away from us. “a man who is in honour but does not understand it is like dying animals”. psa 49:20

  3. To be honest, Standing alone isn’t Easy but at the end it’s turns out glorious.

    In the last week I saw my friend who is (or rather I thought is) very strong willed and not easily influence prove me wrong.
    She came over and she couldn’t have or sustain One healthy conversation, her mind was so full of unhealthy ‘gist’ due to the company she’s been with for sometime. It just seemed she got lost and somehow dropped her convictions because she was the only one in the group (her Fam) who was loving God seriously.
    By the time she left for Abuja, she and my flesh at spent a good time together to get me shaken.

    They are always people out there that’d make us look stupid and boring but We shouldn’t get dissuaded and get lost in the crowd because at the end, we’d come out glorious.
    One thing I realized is, The World envys True Christians and sometimes they say hurtful things at us because they do not know better and because they want to drag us down (out of envy).

    I pray for Grace for us all to Keep Strong.

    PS: Not to worry, My influence has brought my friend back to her senses (hehe) and I’m stronger in Faith.

    PPS: Big sist, Your titles ehn; Just Splufik and the way you use the little things to Teach us Great things aah! More grace.

    1. Great dear! Thanks for sharing. Very true what you said. May God give us grace and keep us all strong. God bless you and keep you shinning for Him. Hugs!

  4. My dear. You are blessed. I know what it feels like to lower your standards just because some “friends” tell you it doesnt matter. Unfortunately, you find out too late that they were only doing all they could to make you be like them just so they wont feel bad. Let those who have ears(or is it eyes now, stay to what is true. GOD’s Word.

    1. Oh dear, wish i could put your words to music right away. Pizza is pronounced as ‘pitza’, that’s all. Truly, lowering one’s standards to feel among leaves one at the mercy of people doing all they can to make you be like them just so they wont feel bad. Thanks dear for always being here. God bless you.

  5. Wonderful one here. Always you draw deep lessons from fleeting experiences. Standing alone is the toughest thing ever. Honest truth. But it’s do-able. Thank you for this reminder sis. You are such a blessing! God bless u!

    1. Yes my dear, Standing alone is really tough but it is always, always worth it. You are a blessing too my dear. God bless you!

  6. Great write-up. Indeed,those who fly,do it alone. In the realm of excellence,especially spiritual excellence…there is the need for singleness of mind in line with God’s instructions.
    God bless you.

  7. I knew this was not going to REALLY be about Pizza. *smiling*. But thanks for drawing my throat. But more importantly, thank you for confirming that I am right to ‘cancel’ albeit in my spirit every contrary word the doctors here say to me about my dad. Out of respect, I don’t go shouting them down and mouthing off ‘that’s not his portion’ or ‘I reject that’s and you might say I am meek but I promise you, in my spirit I am quite violent about standing my ground.

    If there is one phrase that trips us up as Christians and gets us to begin to ‘go with the crowd’ it is this: You are only human. Personally, I believe if you are struggling to stand your ground and someone, no matter how close tells you ‘Ah, ah, its allowed jo, after all you are only human’. Please run for your life.

    I cannot tell you how many ‘Christians’ have told me ‘God will do it. Papa will be fine in Jesus name. BUT prepare your mind….I am like WHAT is that? There can be no buts in this matter….Anyway before I blog another blog on top of your own…let me sign off here….

    Bottom line: Pitsa is Pitsa and God word is Yes and Amen! End of Discussion.

    God Bless your agile mind in Jesus Christ’s name.

    1. Thanks Sis, you were right. Hold on to the word in spite of all the contradictions. Matters not what people say, remain sold on the word.
      “If there is one phrase that trips us up as Christians and gets us to begin to ‘go with the crowd’ it is this: You are only human. Personally, I believe if you are struggling to stand your ground and someone, no matter how close tells you ‘Ah, ah, its allowed jo, after all you are only human’. Please run for your life.” I Fully agree.
      Thanks for sharing sis. God bless you.

  8. You hit the nail RIGHT on the head with this post. Especially “There are people who will press you to lower your standards not to make YOU better, but so THEY won’t feel as bad about themselves’”

    It’s so easy, so so easy to feel silly for saying the truth, especially when others around us mock us for it. You start to doubt your own knowledge, and even start to doubt the truth. God help us to stand strong

    1. Oh my dear NW, it truly is so easy to feel silly for speaking the truth amidst mockery especially when the truth is as unpopular as the 3 Hebrew boys standing head high amidst an entire nation all bowed down. God help us to stay strong. AMEN!

  9. I used to doubt myself when I spoke the truth or cower in shame when I say something and others call me “spirikoko” but I am learning to stand strong and be firm now.thrz nothing to be ashamed of,the truth is the truth no matter how we try to paint it. I am still learning and I pray for Grace to never waver.
    Thanks for sharing,this was so helpful. I will say and live the truth even if it means standing alone.God help me

    1. AMEN!!! God will help us all my dear, help us to always speak the truth in love, even when it is unpopular and can earn us the ‘spirikoko’ title. Stay Strong my dear, we are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…

  10. And oh,I’d love to come for the worship programme but am not sure I can stand o.I am stressed thruout d week and weekends,I just want to rest.looks like it would be amazing though,praise God always is! Av a fab time!

  11. first of all, I laughed so hard at the girls who thought they were correcting him.
    In life there will always be people who think they know better and try to put you down when you raise a contrary opinion. Its very important to study for yourself so you don’t get thrown up and down by all kinds of doctrines.
    There is a Lagos slang “ogboju”, meaning even if you are not sure, still stand your ground. lol.

    1. Thanks Sis, there truly is not much more to add to this. It is important to study for one’s self for real and hold fast to that which is tried and proven like ‘pitza’. Ha ha ha.

  12. Now, this is absolute- engaging, interesting and upllifting
    Like the girls in the shop, I heard the ‘Pitza’ prononciation from somebody; but unlike them I didn’t have the courage to laugh… Thanks for confirming this lesson- another reason why this post is absolute…

    1. Thanks for reading dear. Thankful that it blessed you. As to the girls laughing, that was not courage, that was foolishness. When someone presents a divergent opinion, first you listen and then you check it out. You could very well have been holding a wrong position all your life and one day, one person questions it and enables you see differently. It is important to remain teachable and not laugh at people from whom we can learn. Their attitude prevented them from learning and getting better.

  13. Oh my…. Wonderful analogy! For some of us it’s easy and for the rest of us God’s Grace and courage will surely come through.. Amen… This is the time to take a stand.

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