The Catwalk

Not too long ago, along with my @thelafamily on Twitter, I studied the book of Esther and over the weekend, the story came to me again. Yes, we know it’s a story of an orphan who against all odds became queen to a pagan king and the characteristic power of God to deliver His children from the hands of their enemies like He did the Jews from Haman. It’s a story of God’s ability to cause our helpers to remember us as He did stir up Ahasuerus in the middle of the night to remember and reward Mordecai. Great! But that’s not my direction today.  I am sharing inspired by insight which God brought back to my remembrance over the weekend, thanks to a message preached many months ago by Mrs. Nkoyo Rapu (whom I totally love. It’s no secret that I would love to be like her when I grow up).

Our text is Esther 1:1-13;  first we see, Ahasuerus, king of Medes and Persia, ruler of 127 provinces from Ethiopia to India (pause and imagine in present day terms a king that rules across Africa and all the continents down to India).  How powerful this king must be!  The king was giving a celebration for 180 days, (a 6 month party? that was some party mehn), imagine a display of the best array of foods and wine for 6 months at the king’s instance.

And the story records that the queen was giving off her own banquet as well. Afterwards, the king also pronounces seven days of celebration. To crown it all, he requests for his wife, Vashti to be brought forward for men to acknowledge her beauty. Let’s take ourselves back there and imagine what manner of celebration it must have been and how excited the king must have been at the prospect of showing off his fair queen to the multitude of guests. The crescendo was approaching, the fairest of them all was going to appear, imagine the drumbeats and high expectations, and her appearance was to be the highlight.

Today, we study the story of Esther not from the point of the beautiful and obedient Esther as is typical, but we consider it from the perspective of Vashti, the queen who got comfortable and forgot the supremacy of her husband the king. He was a king who issued a decree and all submitted or faced stiff penalties, yet Vashti refused to show up. How disappointed the king must have been in the queen’s action. Oh how scorned he must have felt!

Now, let us consider this in another context as we cast the characters. So imagine this analogy where God is our ‘King Ahasuerus’ and we are his Vashti. In his view, the world in which we live is the catwalk. He wants nothing more than to see us go around showcasing His beauty through us. As we live the word out, He wants the world to be awed by our conduct, by our patience, joy, peace, patience, long suffering, meekness, humility, temperance, love, tolerance et al.

As the guests of Ahasuerus awaited the unveiling of Vashti and the rich display of her beauty, the entire creation is groaning in expectation of our unveiling. Are we content in our own selves without Him? Are we sitting idly, disconnected from kingdom agenda and kingdom purpose? Are we becoming spiritually fat and unresponsive? Are we hosting our own guests, busily pursuing what matters to us vs. what matters to our king? We are called to ‘Mount the Catwalk’.


In this context, my life is a catwalk.  I care not if driving in Lagos or Abuja can be mad; the roads on which we drive are catwalks. Our homes are catwalks, our relationships are catwalks, our business locations are catwalks and like we can model for a designer and the clothes take on a life of their own, we also have the opportunity to daily represent God and make Him proud. Like Ahasuerus, he basks in the glory revealed through us. This was a timely reminder and we need to have this thought on our minds everywhere we go. It is time to respond to the king’s call to mount the catwalk. What are you called to be? The earth and all creation are groaning, awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God (Rom. 8:22). He wants to show forth His kingdom glory and power. God has designed us to take the catwalk.

Where are you? Are you a teacher? Are you a banker? Are you a business person? Are you a mother or a father?  Are you a writer? A creative artist? Whatever your call and purpose, are you mounting the catwalk? Are you displaying God’s glory? Do men/demons look at you and say ‘wow! God has outdone Himself, what a lovely young man or lady? We must take this challenge to mount the catwalk and walk our walk.


Of our own strength we are unable to do much, but if we plug into grace on a per second basis, we find ability. As we lean on Him, we receive all the strength we need to consistently promote His agenda. Recently studying the book of Matthew reminded me of this fact, God’s expectations are lofty and I can never attain them by my own strength. Are you like me? Realizing that there is so much to do but scared to get up and do something? Isaiah 41:14 spoke to me, ‘do not be afraid O little worm Jacob, O little Israel, for I myself will help you declares the Lord, your redeemer….’ This is a call to you too, O little worm, arise! Mount the catwalk and see God move you from a spineless worm to a sharp instrument to thresh down mountains.

Welcome to the catwalk, people of God!


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